Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting An Apartment As A Student

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting An Apartment As A Student

When going to college, all students have a choice. They can stay on the campus and live in the dorm, or they can rent an apartment. The consequences of that choice are massive. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of renting an apartment as a student. 

Advantages: You Live By Your Own Rules

Living in a dorm comes with a lot of rules. You can change much inside the room, do any permanent damage without big consequences, smoke or drink inside (in some dorms), and more. However, when you are renting an apartment, you get to negotiate your deal. You can move in with your cat if you have one and the landlord doesn’t mind. You can buy or toss furniture. You can have parties, as long as they don’t bother anyone. Overall, we don’t say that life in a rented apartment is responsibilities-free. Though, we are saying that it comes with much lighter terms than life in a dorm. Besides, regardless of how you mess up in your rented apartment, it won’t affect your studies, which is not the deal when you live on campus. Also, you get to have a pet at home! Yes, we just wrote about that, but let’s be honest, it’s worth mentioning again. It is a significant advantage. 

Disadvantages: Time To Commute

Commuting is, probably, the number one reason students don’t want to live anywhere else but on campus, of course, if there is one. Finding a good apartment that will be in your price range is quite a challenge these days. In fact, it is nearly impossible, especially if you want it to be close to your school. People who rent the apartments in that range know how valuable these properties are to students like you, so they charge extra. Hence, if you want to save some money on your rent cost, you’ll have to commute. Commuting can be very time and energy-consuming. It can also be very inconvenient, especially in bad weather or at certain times of the day. Of course, you can try studying, reading things like edubirdie reviews, or repeat old materials on your way to the uni. Still, everyday commuting can leave you in a bad mood and kill all your enthusiasm about going to school within the first few months of your studies. You better think hard before choosing an apartment that is too far from your university. 

Advantages: You Can Choose A Roommate

If you rent the whole apartment, and it is okay with the landlord, you can choose roommates to stay with you. Check out these apartments for rent in fort lauderdale fl. This is not the deal with the dorms where you are assigned a complete stranger to stay with you. You can even move in with your friends, for that matter. It is a luxury you should neglect since your roommate directly influences your comfort level at home. In fact, you can even live there alone if you wish and can afford it. 

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Disadvantages: Roommates

Even most extroverted students can find that too many roommates can be a problem. The thing is, with the high renting prices, the majority of students can’t afford to rent a place on their own. In fact, the situation where more than two people are sharing an apartment is quite common. Sometimes, students leave with four or more roommates if the accommodation allows it. These can be people you hadn’t known before you moved in. This means that you have to share your home with a lot of strangers. Even if you get along really well, such situations are still hard to navigate. The lack of privacy is obvious. This can be particularly dangerous for your studies. You need a place where you can focus, and an apartment full of roommates may not be the right place for you. 

Advantages: No Crazy Student Life

Not every single student wants to have crazy parties every night. Not everybody wants to stay up all night because there is a party on their floor. When you live in an apartment, you get to set a special set of rules, including everyone’s agreement on social gatherings. Life on campus doesn’t go by this rule. Also, if you have to combine work and studies, it is much better to have space where you can unwind and have a proper rest. 

Disadvantages: Lack Of Socialization 

Life on campus is something most students are dreaming about since they are still in high school. You can’t really enjoy your student years to the fullest without having a taste of the campus life. It is a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Of course, it is not true for some people who are not very social or prefer having a quite safe zone for just themselves. However, a dorm can also be a place of new life-long social connections, group studies, needed academic assistance, or deep night conversation. On campus, everyone can find whatever they want to find. However, maybe, spending only a few hours on campus or in classes can be pretty much enough socialization for a day. 

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