How To Activate Visa Gift Card: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Activate Visa Gift Card

Are you looking for an easy and stress-free way to activate your Visa Gift Card? You’ve come to the right place! This step-by-step guide will walk you through activating your Visa Gift Card, so you can start using it immediately. With this guide, you’ll learn how to activate your Visa Gift Card online and by phone, check the balance, and find out if your card has been activated. With this handy guide, you’ll have no problem getting your Visa Gift Card up and running in no time! So let’s get started and activate your Visa Gift Card!

How To Activate Visa Gift Card?

  1. If your card hasn’t been activated yet, you’ll need to find the Visa Gift Card number on the back of your card.
  2. Next, you’ll need to contact the issuer of your gift card to activate it. Call them or visit their website. You can also use their online activation form.
  3. Once you reach a customer service representative over the phone or submit an online request, they will ask you for basic information like your full name and address and some personal identification information like your date of birth and Social Security number (SSN).
  4. They will then send a letter with a unique activation code that can be used to activate your gift card online or by calling them directly to activate it by phone. You can also use this code to activate any other Visa Gift Cards in the future! Your activation code should be printed on that letter sent from the issuer.
  5. Once you have your activation code, log into your gift card account and enter the activation code to activate it. Be sure to keep the letter with the unique activation code and a copy of your gift card number in case you lose it later.
  6. Your Visa Gift Card should be activated within 24 hours or 6 hours for a Visa Platinum Gift Card (if you are located in Canada). You can check your gift card’s status by logging into your account online or calling them and asking them if the activation was successful!
  7. Once activated, you can use your Visa Gift Card at any store where MasterCard is accepted, like Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Target, Amazon, and more!
  8. If you are a frequent traveler, you can also use your Visa Gift Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide, like at hotels and car rental agencies!

How To Activate A Visa Gift Card By Phone?

1. Dial a number for your Visa Gift Card.

You can find the phone number for your Visa Gift Card on your card itself. You’ll need to enter this number when calling in to activate it!

2. Provide the information requested by the agent.

When you are all in, you’ll need to provide the following information: The last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and the 16-digit card number on the front of the card. You’ll also need to provide your name and date of birth and a few other details about yourself, such as if you are in school or work, where you can be reached during business hours, if you have any medical conditions that might affect credit eligibility, etc. The agent will ask what type of Visa Gift Card you have (e-gift card, prepaid card, or stored value), how much money is on it, and whether or not it has been activated yet.

3. Wait for the activation to be processed.

Once you’ve provided all the requested information, your card will be activated within a few hours. If you’re not home when it happens, contact your local Visa office to find out when they expect it to be activated. Most agents will tell you that it should take about 24 hours, but this could vary depending on where you live and if there are any processing delays or other issues with your card. Contact your local Visa office immediately after activation to ensure that your card is activated correctly!

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How To Check The Balance On A Visa Gift Card?

  1. Go to your Visa Gift Card issuing bank’s website. Most Visa Gift Cards are issued by a bank, so they will have a website you can visit. On this site, you’ll be able to check the balance on your card and find out if it has been activated.
  2. Sign in with your email address and password set up when you bought your card.
  3. On the website’s main page, click “My Account” and then “Card Details.” You should see a box that asks for your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Enter it and click “Submit” or press “Enter” on your keyboard to finish this step.
  4. You will now be asked to enter your card’s 4-digit verification code and then click “Submit.”
  5. If you don’t have a PIN or entered the wrong one, you can request a new one by following the prompts.
  6. If you have an activated card and want to check its balance, click on “View Card Balance” in the upper right corner of the main page. You will be taken to your card information page, where you can see how much money is on your Visa Gift Card. To find out if your card has been activated, click “Activated?” in the upper right corner of this page. This will take you to another page where you will see whether or not your card has been activated.
  7. After entering all this information, click “Submit” at the bottom of this screen and follow any additional instructions that appear to complete the activation process.

Tips For Activating Your Visa Gift Card

1. Activate Your Visa Gift Card Online

The fastest way to activate your Visa Gift Card is by activating it online. When you activate your card online, you’ll be able to check the balance and also see if your card has been activated. To activate your Visa Gift Card online, simply head over to our website and click on the “Activate Your Visa Gift Card” button. Enter the amount of money you want on your card, then follow the instructions.

2. Activate Your Visa Gift Card By Phone

If you don’t have time to go through all the steps of activating a gift card online or prefer a more old-fashioned payment method, don’t worry! You can activate your gift card by phone as well! To do this at any time, one of our representatives will be happy to help activate your gift card.

3. Activate Your Visa Gift Card By Mail

If you prefer to activate your Visa Gift Card by mail, you can do just that! To activate your gift card by mail, simply print the activation form, fill it out and send it along with a check or money order to our address listed below. The form can be found at the end of this article.


Now that you know how to activate your Visa Gift Card, you can start immediately! With this guide, you’ll have no problem getting your Visa Gift Card activated in no time. So don’t wait any longer, and get your card activated today!

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