Top Reasons To Consider Chartering A Private Flight

Top Reasons To Consider Chartering A Private Flight

Chartering a private flight can be an ideal solution – not only in terms of luxury and convenience, but also in terms of long-term business benefits.

Private flights allow you to depart and arrive at times that best suit your schedule, while also bypassing lengthy airport security lines. It also doesn’t hurt that private flights can offer the ultimate in luxurious traveling experiences. We’ve outlined some top reasons to consider chartering with NovaJet air charter company.

1. Convenience

Travel can be stressful enough without having to navigate an overcrowded airport and unpredictable flight delays – that is why private flights offer a convenient alternative that ensures comfort, privacy and flexibility for their clients.

Private jet flights allow passengers to choose their departure time and destination directly – unlike commercial airlines where passengers may have to navigate crowded airports before being subjected to intrusive security checks before boarding their flight.

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Once on board, you have the freedom to either work or relax in comfort. Business travelers can use Wi-Fi connectivity on board to keep in touch with colleagues; vacationers can take advantage of spacious cabins for reading or sleeping.

Charter planes allow travelers to skip larger, busier airports in favor of more discreet airstrips that provide easier access to destinations that typically only become accessible with multiple connecting flights or due to weather and other circumstances. This provides travelers with easier access to places they otherwise wouldn’t reach due to limited or no air transportation options.

Charter flights offer travelers who prioritize time the ability to get where they need to be quickly. This makes them particularly helpful during natural disasters where it is essential that people reach safety as quickly as possible.

2. Safety

Flights that operate privately provide more comfort and privacy for their passengers than commercial airlines do, allowing them to choose who they travel with on board the plane – families, friends or business associates without being bound by seat assignments on commercial flights.

As for safety, charter operators generally come under less external scrutiny than DOT-regulated airlines and must ensure their fleets follow best practices regarding training and rest requirements, airframe upkeep, weather procedures, etc. When flying private it’s essential that you choose an established provider who complies with DOT broker regulations and airline standards that aim to protect consumers against unscrupulous brokers or operators.

Should any issues arise, the Department of Transport (DOT) provides direct assistance. In case of extreme circumstance, you can file a formal complaint against either an airline or broker to secure compensation and consumer protections.

As a final reminder, when booking your flight it’s essential to keep in mind that a 7.5% excise tax will be included with your total price but always ask about it to ensure you aren’t being overcharged. Keep in mind that the cost of renting a jet can depend on factors such as group size, route taken, luggage carried and catering requirements, among other requirements.

3. Ease Of Schedule

Charter flights offer you flexibility that commercial flights don’t: they can be booked quickly and on demand to suit your busy lifestyle. Apps such as Blade provide scheduled and crowdsourced options on an array of aircraft (such as helicopters and seaplanes ). With such customization possibilities at your fingertips, chartering can become a great alternative option to schedule-driven commercial travel.

Many travelers seek private flights as an escape from peak travel season’s disruptions and delays, when delays can completely ruin vacations or business meetings. But dodging long security lines and overcrowded airports isn’t possible for everyone.

One way to escape the crush of travelers is to choose an airport with few or no commercial flights – this could save up to three hours by bypassing security lines and waiting in general terminals.

Time can also be saved by flying out of smaller airports closer to home or work; private jets often depart from them. By arriving for your flight minutes before take-off time and bypassing crowded terminals and potential Covid-19 delays, this could save considerable time.

Surf Air in California provides on-demand flights for an annual or monthly membership initiation fee and hourly rate; similar to jet card programs which operate this way. When booking individual flights, however, a membership initiation fee and hourly rate must be paid on an as-needed basis.

4. Affordability

With more than 15,000 planes available to charter worldwide, flying private is more affordable and accessible than ever. Charter flights allow you to customize your itinerary and destination while eliminating extra fees associated with upgrades and security costs associated with full flights.

Today’s Covid-era traveler often seeks alternative means of getting from A to B without encountering strangers. Although renting a car or taking the train are impractical for longer journeys, a charter jet offers the ideal solution – they can be booked by hour or one-way trips and cost much less than you might imagine!

Some charter companies provide more cost-effective experiences by offering booking by the seat on smaller commuter planes similar to commercial business class. This option can cost as little as $100 for short hops such as from Burbank to Las Vegas on JSX or up to $2,000 when flying between New York City and Miami.

Subscriber programs or subscription plans offer another alternative; VistaJet for instance offers monthly plans that provide access to its fleet of over 170 planes at an affordable monthly fee. Such plans often work out cheaper than buying outright and may offer other advantages over commercial flights in first or business class. For those keen to save money, booking a private jet is often the most viable option.

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