Submit a Guest Post: Our Guidelines

We are asked frequently about if we offer guest posting opportunities. The answer is yes, but to the right individuals and/or organizations. We receive numerous requests every single day. Some pitches are good, others are way off point for what our audience is looking for. Due to the sheer amount of requests, we do give preference to our advertising partners in the review process.

What We Like to Post

The most successful guest contributions are those that are interesting, data driven, and comprehensive in informing our readers around a wide range of personal finance topics. In short, we want content that people care about. We don’t want submissions that cover topics that are already covered on the website. Also, the type of topic could dictate the thoroughness of the content. A guide for example would require more content than an article that answers a common question.

Topics Covered on this Website

The following are topics that we cover on our blog. You are free to pitch an idea that falls within these topics. If you are unsure, but think there is a fit, it may be worth a shot to just ask. Alternatively, we can provide you with topics that we would like to see written.

  1. Banking: Tips or news related to banking, savings, checking accounts, CDs, etc.
  2. Credit: Tips or news related to credit cards, credit reports/scores, rebuilding credit, etc.
  3. Investing: Tips or news related to retirement savings, IRAs, 401k, Stocks, Bonds, Brokerages, Cryptocurrency, etc.
  4. Loans: Tips or news related to mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, etc.
  5. Money: Tips or news related to budgeting, saving money, or anything personal finance related not covered by any other topic.
  6. Real Estate: Tips or news on home buying, staging homes, flipping homes, buying vacation property, renting out your home, etc.
  7. Taxes: Tips or news related to filing taxes, saving money on your taxes, dealing with the IRS, etc.
  8. Tech: Tips or news related to saving money on tech items, business software or online marketing services, FinTech products.
  9. Travel: Tips or news related to saving money when vacationing or on purchasing vacation packages.

Topics guaranteed to be rejected: We don’t accept anything related to these industries: Adult, Gambling, Payday Loans (Unless it is reporting on a news worthy event), or Pharmaceutical.

Contributor Qualifications

We take pride in being a trust worthy resource for our readers. We have established criteria so that we can feel confident that our readers are receiving the quality advice that they deserve. If you don’t fit within these guidelines, and you are still wanting to pitch your idea, resource, or website; feel free to reach out and let us know your idea anyways. Our team in those instances would have to write those articles and depending on where something like that would fall in our priority list, we might come to an arrangement to get that content written.

The following is our author qualifications list:

  1. We want to work with individuals or organizations that have demonstrate knowledge on the topics that we write about. This could be as simple as showing past work.
  2. Priority would be given to individuals or organizations that would commit to and demonstrate an ability to contribute on a regular basis. Simply put, we like to build partnerships.
  3. We would like our contributors to share their posts via their social channels.
  4. We will want an author bio and picture, and links to social channels.

Content Guidelines

  1. Must be a topic we have approved.
  2. Must be in English (American not British), using proper spelling and grammar.
  3. Content must be 100% unique to our website. No spun content or plagiarism will be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove content that we may discover violates this after the fact.
  4. Posts must be no less than 750 words. Those would be for posts that answer simple questions, tips, infographics, research data, or news topics. For topics that would require a little more depth, we would expect no less than 1,200 words. For guides we require 2,500+ words. A good rule of thumb would be to check out the word count of the sites that rank well for the topic you want to write about. We would want to be at least that competitive.
  5. After we approve your topic, we may provide you with a list to things that we would like covered in the article. If we did provide you with a list, your article will be sent back for revisions.
  6. We can take care of stock photography, but we love supporting charts and graphics that are relevant to the topic.
  7. All sources must be cited.
  8. You should try to link to other posts within our website whenever possible. If you don’t put in the effort, we won’t put in the effort with you.
  9. You are allowed to link to authoritative resources. You are welcome to have one link to your website. We prefer deep links to content versus links to homepages or or product/service pages, but we will accept those in the appropriate instances. We do adhere to Google’s best practices. If we feel like the resources (including your own) are reputable, reliable, and we can trust them, we will reward those with a link. The anchor text for the links must be natural in their text and placement. We only allow links that are deserving and earned it. All others will be removed by our editorial team.
  10. If after a post goes live, we find tactics of link manipulation, such as artificially building links to the post; we reserve the right to remove the article and disavow those links. We simply won’t risk our website.
  11. If you would have difficulty meeting these content standards, we may have an interest in writing on your topic and could possible find an arrangement to expedite the development of that content ahead of our current content pipeline.


After reading this page thoroughly, here are the following items that you will need to send to us:

  1. Your article pitch or a request for topics to write about.
  2. If you are an individual or organization.
  3. If you are a current advertising partner or would like to explore that.
  4. Your qualifications including past writing examples.
  5. If this is a one-time submission, or you or your organization would like to submit on a regular basis.

Please send this information to: guestposts[at] with the subject line: Guest Posting at Financial Task Force

Once you submit, we will review your ideas and qualifications and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Priority is given to our current contributors and advertising partners.

For those that don’t have the content writing ability or qualifications to be a contributor, that doesn’t mean that we won’t talk to you. You will need to send us:

  1. Your article pitch and/or the link to the resource you are promoting.
  2. If you are an individual or organization.
  3. If you are a current advertising partner or would like to explore that.
  4. If this is a one-time request, or you or your organization will have similar requests on a regular basis.

Please send this information to: guestposts[at] with the subject line: Post Idea for Financial Task Force

When you submit we will review and let you know if that is something we would like to pursue and under what terms.