The First Business In Poland: What To Know?

The First Business In Poland

Many desires to start a business in Poland or the EU, but few know how. Business in the EU countries is different in that no one signs contracts for the purchase of goods. No one will buy a boring, low-quality, uncompetitive product.

Let’s discover what needs to be done and where to start when you have decided on company registration in Poland.

1. Good Preparation-Qualitative Market Analysis.

Learn about your Client’s background, interests, and values to better serve his needs.

2. Before You Start, Test Your Product/Service On The Market.

Test on a small client group (acquaintances from Poland, Clients who were advised to you, or you found them yourself). After testing, and carefully listening to the comments, adjust your product to the Polish buyer.

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3. Registration Of The Enterprise.

When you have conducted market research and product testing and are sure that the product is worthy, register your company with our help.

4. Reviews.

Take care of good reviews about your product and company.

Collect reviews, and comments, record videos with clients and post them on social networks.

5. Talk To People.

Talk about your business and products with whoever you can: friends/specialists/experts.

Ask them questions. Use these conversations to improve your product and use them as word of mouth to promote the sale.

6. Plan A Platform To Sell Your Products:

  • web page,
  • online store,
  • or an application in the App Store.

7. Create Your Community Of Fans.

Attract and hold on to those you want to help. After all, business is about helping your customers. Constantly give a reason for Clients to be in touch with you (write a blog, post and films on social networks).

8. Profile In Social Networks.

Know that your profile needs to be active, so post and post movies as often as possible.

9. Business Promotion Analysis.

It’s okay to learn the hard way. Every business is like a small child, especially in a new country. Must try a lot to gain knowledge. Never give up, because the first months will be very difficult. A small child must fall many times before he can walk.

10. Mentality.

Forget the phrase “I must be understood.” In Poland and Europe, no one wants to understand anyone. People always look out for one another. Therefore, if you incur costs, you should be prepared to cover them entirely.

What Does The Registration Of A Company In Poland Give?

  • Ownership and management of own enterprise in Europe. The authority of your business becomes noticeably higher in comparison with a company from the post-Soviet countries.
  • Empowerment and new ways to optimize your current business. Exclusion of intermediaries for deliveries from Europe. Possibility of registration of various documents, invitations, etc. directly in Poland.
  • Citizenship by Investment. Investors that are interested in setting up a business in Poland may apply for a residency permit.
  • Free duty-free trade with all EU countries.
  • Favorable, transparent and predictable conditions for doing business in Poland. Automatic VAT refund upon export or overpayment.
  • Long-term national visa, as well as, active business – a residence permit in Poland. Those. Free entry to all Schengen countries, the opportunity to move the family to Poland. Subsequently, subject to the conditions recommended by us, it is possible to obtain permanent residence and Polish citizenship.
  • Your funds are in reliable European banks. State guarantees for the return of deposits.
  • Opportunity to acquire in Poland and register a company real estate and movable property.
  • Access to credit and leasing programs in case of successful financial results of your company.
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