Affordable And Unique Programs For Jewish Participants

Affordable And Unique Programs For Jewish Participants

Jewish life and culture have a long and rich history, with traditions that have been passed down for thousands of years. From the Torah to the Talmud, from religious observance to cultural celebrations, there are many different ways to explore Judaism. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating religion, consider enrolling in one of these unique programs that promote Jewish education for students all over the world:

Masa Israel

What is Masa Israel? Masa Israel is a Jewish young adult program that provides opportunities for individuals aged 18 to 30 to live, study, volunteer, and intern in Israel. 

It offers a variety of programs, including academic study, gap-year programs, volunteer work, and professional internships. The goal of Masa Israel is to deepen participants’ connection to Israel and Jewish culture and to provide valuable life and professional experiences. 

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Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israeli culture and learn about the country’s history, politics, and society. The program also provides support for participants, including housing, travel, and insurance. Masa Israel is a unique and transformative experience that helps build strong ties between Jewish young adults and Israel.

Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel is a program that provides young Jewish adults with an opportunity to explore their heritage by traveling to Israel. Gidi Mark, the CEO of Birthright Israel and no.32 on  The Jerusalem Post’s 50 Most Influential Jews of 2022, aims for 1 million participants in the program by 2028.

Birthright Israel offers 10-day trips for Jewish young adults aged 18-26. To be able to qualify for a free 10-day Birthright program to Israel, you need to have at least one Jewish parent. You could also join the program if you have completed Jewish conversion from a recognized Jewish denomination. (Source- The Jerusalem Post).

JDC Entwine

JDC Entwine is a program that allows Jewish young adults to connect and learn about the world while also providing them with an opportunity to volunteer for social change. Participants gain experience in areas such as leadership development, cross-cultural understanding, conflict resolution, and community organizing.

Participants must be between 18-30 years old and from any country around the world. There are no restrictions on gender or sexual orientation.

The Detroit Jewish News reported the experience of NextGen Detroiters travelers who learned firsthand how JDC Entwine made a difference in the lives of Argentinian Jews. JDC Entwine, the platform of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), aims at fostering young Jews who live a life of action with a particular focus on the global Jewish community.

Onward Israel

Onward Israel is a non-profit organization that provides educational programs and experiences for participants of all ages. The organization’s goal is to cultivate Jewish identity through experiential learning, community engagement, and leadership development.

Onward Israel offers programs throughout North America and Israel that are designed specifically for students and young adults (ages 18-30), as well as other age groups, such as high schoolers or families with children. The program options vary depending on interest areas like arts & culture, adventure travel, business & entrepreneurship, community service, educational enrichment, Hebrew language immersion, health & wellness retreats, and Israeli tours/programs.

Hillel’s Alternative Break

Hillel’s Alternative Break is a 10-day trip to Israel that takes participants on a journey through the country’s diverse landscape. Participants live in Tel Aviv, where they volunteer at an organization that supports the country’s Arab population and offers them an opportunity to learn about Israeli society from an insider perspective.

 During their stay, participants can choose to visit Jerusalem and other sites or spend more time exploring Tel Aviv itself.

Jewish Service Corps

The Jewish Service Corps (JSC) is a unique program that allows participants to explore their Judaism through service in the field of their choice. Participants must be 18-30 years old and in good physical and mental health. They commit to one year of service, which can take place anywhere in the world, from Israel to New York City or Los Angeles.

Participants are responsible for selecting the organization where they will work. All organizations must meet certain criteria established by JSC staff, including being non-profit, secular, and/or religiously affiliated (e.g., Reform).

Jewish Volunteer Corps

The Jewish Volunteer Corps is a volunteer program for young adults looking to spend time in Israel. The program is open to all Jewish participants, regardless of religious affiliation. 

Participants are placed in Israeli communities where they provide community service projects based on the needs of the community. Participants live with a host family who speaks English, so they can communicate easily with each other and learn Hebrew at the same time.

The program runs from June until August each year, so if you’re looking for something different than just studying abroad this summer, then consider applying.

Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv

Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv is a program that provides young Jewish adults with the opportunity to volunteer in Israel. The program is open to all Jewish young adults who are 18-30 years old. 

Participants will be matched with an Israeli organization or school based on their interests, skills, and availability. They will spend three weeks working at their placement site and traveling throughout Israel during their free time.


Jewish programs are a great way to connect with your community and celebrate your heritage. Whether you’re looking for something fun and educational or just want some time away from home, there are many opportunities available for Jewish participants today.

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