4 Easy Ways To Do Product Research on eBay

4 Easy Ways To Do Product Research on eBay

If you’re a newbie seller on eBay or even just starting in general, you may be wondering precisely what product research is.

This article will show you four product research methods that can help you find great profitable products to sell.

What Is Product Research?

Product research is different than market research.

While market research looks at more significant trends that affect your industry, product research focuses on how people use or want to use a specific product or service. You can check out ZIK Analytics or read below for additional information if you want to know more.

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Product research involves gathering product information to help you decide on the right one.

The eBay Product Research Tool is the most common product research method.

But there are other methods, such as analyzing existing listings, comparing different attributes, talking to sellers who have experience selling similar products, and many more.

View Completed Listings

When looking at an eBay listing page, take note of the number in parentheses next to the price. This number is the amount that item sold for.

This number may need to be revised because it could have been relisted or sold in another country.

However, it gives you an overview of what other people are willing to spend on an item like yours.

Always Track Trends

You’ll want to track the trends in your niche or industry to know which products are doing well now and which aren’t.

To track trends, go to Google Trends and type in the name of your niche or industry along with the word “eBay.”

This will give you a thought of which products are currently hot sellers compared with others in their category on eBay.

Learn About Positioning

It’s important to know where your product fits in the marketplace. Your product should be unique but also similar enough to other products that customers already know what they’re getting.

For example, if you’re selling a book about gardening, it needs to be different from other gardening books.

The difference can come from an angle. Therefore, consider factors such as a specific topic or theme or how you present the information.

Additionally, if you’re selling a used or refurbished item, you must include the product’s condition and any damage that may have occurred during its use.

Research After You List

After listing a product, look at your listings and see how they’re doing. You can always change them if they don’t perform well or need improvement.

For example, you can fix a title to grab your audience’s attention or try something else that might resonate more deeply with them.

You should also ensure that all your listings are optimized for search engines so that people looking for your product can find them easily when they search online.

Final Thoughts

Product research is one of those things in ecommerce that everyone knows they need to do, but only some know how to do it or have the time to learn the entire process.

Especially new sellers often skip this step and jump straight into listing their products for sale on eBay.

But researching products on eBay can be easy once you know the tricks.

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