Main HR Technology Trends

Main HR Technology Trends

Over the past year and a half, technology has experienced significant growth, especially in its use for the work environment and human talent management. As practice shows, a large number of specialists agree that it is time to apply digital transformation technologies. But not all leaders agree with this.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at several technological trends in the field of human resources that should be applied to increase the efficiency of the company.

The Importance Of Technology In Human Resources

Using technology to manage human talent helps automate tasks, increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, improve recruitment and selection processes, and strengthen the employer brand. You can also use hr software to improve most business processes.

In addition, a non-technology company will be left behind in the work environment as it will struggle to compete with automated, agile, predictive processes that provide a rich experience for both employees and customers.

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Today’s professionals seek flexibility and autonomy, so the traditional models based on measuring their performance by the number of hours worked, establishing a physical office as the only place of work, and receiving feedback annually are a thing of the past. This and the growing trend of hybrid work models make it necessary to use technology tools that can centralize information, automate and allow control 24/7.

Main Trends For 2022-2023

1. Hyper-automation

The trend of this 2022 will be the operation of systems with artificial intelligence, which are becoming more autonomous and do not require constant human intervention.

This technology is currently being used in HR processes such as payroll, contracting, and service management. However, the challenge for 2023 is to expand its use to other areas of the HR department to reduce time and costs.

2. Implementation of the composite structure

This means that computing, storage, and network resources are separated from physical locations and managed by software.

The composable framework and applications built for this purpose allow you to support a physical workload in a digital environment.

3. Generative artificial intelligence

These are predictive systems that use machine learning to analyze data and learn how to perform functions such as answering questions. For example, voice assistants.

This trend will continue to grow in the coming years and can be used in processes such as recruitment and selection to make filters more efficient.

4. Multi-cloud strategies

The growing use of software and applications in the cloud can lead to blockages and overloads, so over the next few years, it will be necessary to work with various cloud servers.

This will allow you to store information without the risk of loss and overload of the system itself.

5. Systems that provide flexibility

Over the next few years, the trend will be more widespread adoption of systems that allow you to work in a digital environment from anywhere in the world, as well as providing communication tools, monitoring activities, and goals achieved, which allows the employee to be autonomous in managing their time and resources.

Software, systems for centralizing and storing information, and complete data analysis are the elements that will have more growth in human talent management, to improve productivity and improve decision-making.

6. Strengthening cybersecurity

More and more personal information and company operations are stored in the cloud, for which strengthening cybersecurity will be essential to prevent information theft and hacking.

Human Resources stores a wealth of information about employees, from residential addresses to bank account numbers, so it’s critical to put in place systems that increase security and ensure that this type of data is handled properly.

Thanks to the application of all trends, you will be able to modernize most business processes and significantly increase the efficiency of your company.

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