How Do I Hire A Hacker With Proof Before Payment? Finding A Legitimate Hacker

How Do I Hire A Hacker With Proof Before Payment

Today people need hackers for either legal or illegal hack works. It can be to completely hack into another person’s iCloud, email, social media, and many more. 

However, many that parade online as hackers are usually con artists. When agreeing on a hacking contract, you need to be quite careful and take control of the situation. 

An online hacker can know that the job is impossible, but instead of openly telling you the truth, they take your money and start playing games. 

Because of such issues, certified ethical hackers have come together to give clients their best services from several hackers platforms. You will find out more about them in this article. So!

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How Do I Hire a Hacker With Proof Before Payment?

These days hiring a certified ethical hacker with a proof before payment is almost impossible. Most certified ethical hackers need an upfront payment to know between the legit and con clients. 

According to the hackers, some people are usually spamming and are not ready to pay. But again, clients complain that many professional online hackers ask for upfront payment to steal from them.  

Therefore, the clients prefer to ask for the hackers’ service before making the payment. The best way to hire a hacker with proof before payment is by planning and meeting them physically to carry out a task. 

How To Hire A Hacker

Clients usually worry about hiring hackers online. There is an option of hiring certified professional hackers online who will not scam or manipulate you. 

It would be best to be quite smart when hiring a hacker online; you need to think like a hacker. When looking for a legit hacker’s site, avoid clicking on spam links claiming to take you to the hackers’ websites. 

It might lead you to sites with algorithms that can download your web history and other kinds of stuff. If the hacker’s email address looks unprofessional, do not go into a conversation with the hacker. 

There are many legit hacker platforms or websites that offer hackers for hire services. The platforms carefully verify and recruit hackers who have the necessary certifications. 

The famous hacker platforms include Hackers Dom etc. The platforms specifically hire hackers with all the necessary qualifications. However, the hackers usually ask for an upfront fee of about 50%. 

Before you hire a hacker, you need to read the hacking company website privacy policy carefully. 

From this, you will get all the information about how the company operates and the amount of personal data it needs. 

You will also know how secure your personal information will be or whether the company will make it available for third-party websites. If the privacy policy is not convincing, do not share information with the platform. 

Knowing A Genuine Or Fake Hacker

Firstly, you need to know that no genuine hacker uses emails such as Yahoomail, Gmail, or mail addresses that are not encrypted. You need to be so inquisitive when dealing with hackers to know if they are genuine. 

After giving them work, ensure to follow up and ask about their progress. For example, if the job you have given the hacker is to access a database, ask if there is any progress. 

If the hacker claims there is progress, ask for proof. Ask any question that crosses your mind and study the hacker’s behavior. Asking several questions can make a con hacker so uncomfortable to the point of not replying. 

How To Get A Legit Hacker Easily

You do not have to go to the dark web to source for a hacker. The easiest way to find a legit hacker is to go for the certified professional white hat hackers or the white-hat hackers, and they will offer you a great price. 

How Is Upfront Payment Important For Hackers

Hacking into a single server is not as easy as it looks. When you give a hacker a job of hacking a bank server, he alone cannot get the job done. 

The same hacker cannot hack all the critical systems and will certainly need help from other hackers that understand specific systems perfectly. Hackers usually work in groups, and the other hacker will need tools and resources. 

By paying upfront, they will get the necessary hacking tools and resources for the job. In addition, not all clients are usually serious about making payments after the job. Some organizations and personnel hire a hacker for fun with no intentions of paying for the services. 

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Hacker?

The type of services, complexity, time, risk level, and scope in hacking determine the price. Here is a list of the prices depending on the different types of services.  

Personal Attacks 

It’s the most expensive hacking service. The hackers that specialize in personal attacks charge around $551 on average. 

The personal attack includes things such as public defamation, legal trouble, and financial sabotage. 

The tactic that most hackers use in personal attacks is framing someone as a buyer of child pornography. The personal attack hackers will offer services such as fraud trafficking and scammer revenge. 

Altering Grades 

It’s for students that want higher grades, and the service usually costs at least $526 on average. The role of the hacker is to hack into the school system, access the exam records, and change the grades. 

The service is available for both universities and grade schools, and it’s quite tricky and dangerous. In addition, hackers can also steal exams and the answers to the questions.

Hacking The Website 

The website hacking services cost around $394 on average, and the attack targets the websites and other online services. 

Hackers with great skills can surely access the website administrative panel or web server. Others can help you get the administrative credentials and databases. It depends on what you need from the website. 

Phone And Computer Hacking 

The service usually costs around $343 on average. The hacker certainly breaks into the victim’s phone or computer and steals important data or deploys malware. 

The hackers with great skill can go through any operating system, be it android, Linux, macOS, etc. 

Social Media Accounts Hacking

Social media is so popular today, and people rely on it a lot. The cost of this service is usually around $230 on average. The hacker can hack or hijack the social media accounts of Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, etc. 

You can ask the hacker to steal the social media log-in credentials of the victim and give them to you. 

You will have full access to the victims’ accounts. Other hackers can tap into the victim’s accounts and spy on their messages, plus get screenshots. 

Hacking The Email 

The service costs an average of $241. You can ask the hacker to steal the victims’ email address log-in credentials and send them to you. 

Alternatively, he can break into the victims’ accounts, access data, and send the information to you.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

The roles of ethical hackers are similar to those of cybercriminals in employment. Like cybercriminals, ethical hackers are invaluable and help organizations spot weaknesses in their networks or websites and improve them. 

Companies usually hire penetration testers to look and focus on various vulnerabilities in the networks. However, ethical hackers have a broader role than penetration hackers. 

Other than penetration checking, ethical hackers trick the company employees into disclosing any sensitive data. 

They sometimes check whether the mobile and laptop devices protection is top-notch and reveal any possible ways hackers may try to get to the system. 

An ethical hacker is an individual that an organization hires to attempt and penetrate the organization’s networks, computer systems, and many more.

How To Become An Ethical Hacker

The most important thing you need to have is hacking skills. The former bad hackers can transform to white hacking because they know all the game’s tricks. 

Both ethical and unethical hacking skills are changing, and thus you need to maintain your edge. Like other professions, you need to be quite passionate about hacking; it will help you succeed in the industry. 

You need to combine your hacking skills with programming, network, and other coding skills. You need to also think like the black hat hackers; this will help you learn their moves before they even execute.

However, remember that your goal is to ensure the security of your client database or system. Certified ethical hackers get an average annual salary of $90,00, but with good experience, the salary can go to a high of $120,000.


Today hiring a legit hacker is quite easy; you can get them from various hacking platforms. People need hackers for various reasons, both good and bad. 

There are several hackers with top-notch skills on the internet, but most are cons. You will talk to them, and they will promise to do a job they sincerely know is impossible. 

If you make the mistake of paying upfront, you might as well lose your money. Therefore you should meet a professional hacker and let them work, then pay afterward. 

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