The Simple Trick To Sell A Dying Product Cheaply

The Simple Trick To Sell A Dying Product Cheaply

If you have owned a shop before, you know the highs and lows of sales. The truth is some products fly off the shelf faster than others while some remain there wholly unnoticed. It is like the customer is blind to the bracket it sits on. I was personally confused as I could not place the exact problem, whether the product or my product placement strategy.  It was at this moment that I decided to do an investigation like a real entrepreneur. I had to crack open the pandora, and maybe I could solve the problem for more business owners who faced the problem that I did.

First, I went to the shelf, stood beside it, and scanned for anything repulsive. In my opinion, maybe the customers were avoiding the stand or something. I tried to empathize with the customer as they moved along. This technique is debatable, but it is better than doing nothing and watching sales soar.

I keenly waited for my aha moment, comparing the shelf to the most visited ones. One key takeout was how some shelves drew more attention, and I knew this by how my eyes were drawn fast to the stand. Even the customers proved this as they frequented the rack. Most of those customers who visited these attention-seeking shelves left them without picking up the product. As if they were satisfying the curiosity but were not interested in the product itself. Upon finding the product attractive, the customers who visited would move on to purchasing.

My ‘eureka’ moment was nearby. In comparison, the rack of the attention-drawing shelf had a slight glow about it. The banners would reflect the daylight and, from the fluorescent light, set up some feet above it. The key was lighting, but the setup was a mere coincidence. It was by no means my plan. The right angles of reflection and hue balance created a certain sparkle. This magic was straight out of one of the art classes that I missed.

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I went online and searched for this phenomenon and how to recreate it. You can go around the web in vain, or I can save you a ton of searching and snake oil sellers who will mint your pockets dry. I found these led strip lights rgb that made all the difference. They were easy to use and, thanks to Lepro for making them high quality. I could give them a five-star any day, but there was no such button on their site.

I am not such a techie, and yet these strip lights were easy to set up. A little adhesive here and there and an easy connection to power through their power adapter. It was also easy to cut the LEDs since they were designed to be cut at specific points. They also have a joiner for connecting two strips. From time to time, I experiment with the different colors in the led strips and adjust the brightness, all from a remote control. Am I not a genius?

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