Are Air Purifiers A Waste Of Money? Detoxing Your Home

Are Air Purifiers A Waste Of Money

We spend most of the time indoors during the frosty winters when everything is chilly and numbing. 

As such, we are vulnerable to indoor allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, and what better way to improve air quality than air purifiers?

But that does not mean that air purifiers are only meant for winter. You can also utilize them throughout the year.  

Many modern houses have heavy insulation and seals; this is great for energy efficiency but not ideal for quality indoor air. 

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In turn, it necessitates the need for air purifiers, and as the research shows, 1 out of 4 US households possess an indoor air purifier. With the suitable unit, you can improve the air quality in your rooms, which has its edge. 

But there are still grumbles about some air purifiers, despite the big claims and promises each brand makes about their products. This then leads you to ponder on the question,

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

No, air purifiers are efficient and worth considering, according to EPA. You need to make sure that you get one with suitable filters and powerful airflow.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The primary role of air purifiers is sanitizing the air; it removes toxins, allergens, and pollutants. The different models and types of air purifiers work differently. 

Generally, the air purifiers suck air into the machine. The air passes through the filters with the help of internal fans. 

The air purifier traps air pollutants such as dust, hairs, pollen, etc., as they pass through the filter. Clean air that is good for breathing flows out from the other side of the air purifier. 

What To Look For When Choosing An Air Purifier For Your Space


The different types of air purifiers have various special features. The air purifiers that have high-end features will undoubtedly cost more. 

There are energy star-rated air purifiers that converse energy, and this helps you to save money. Other cleaners have the Wi-Fi feature that allows you to control it from the comfort of your phone. 

You can also purchase an air purifier with real-time updates to get updates about your space’s air quality. Other great features you need to consider are multiple fan speeds, handles, filter change indicators, caster wheels, etc. 


You need to consider the total square footage of the space you need to purify. Check out the air purifier ACH (Air Change per Hour) rate if you have asthma or allergies. 

It’s simply the number of times the purifier can filter the air in the space hourly. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, buy an air purifier that cleans the air at least four times hourly. The air purifiers come in four sizes which are:

  • Whole house
  • Large – Perfect for a room that measures 700 to 1900 square feet
  • Medium – Perfect for rooms that measure 300 to 699 square feet
  • Small – Perfect rooms that measure up to 299 square feet

Installation Space 

The bedroom is the best space to put your air purifier in since it’s where you spend most of your time. The design of portable air purifiers allows it only to purify one room at a time. 

To purify all the rooms in your home, you’ll have to invest in additional units. You can also buy a purifier that features caster wheels and handles for easy portability. The whole house air purifier is also gaining popularity; it can clean every room in your house. 


The regular maintenance that your air purifier needs are replacing the air filters. You need to replace the HEPA filters after one year, but it also depends on their use. 

The carbon filters can only last for six months, while it’s only three months for pre-filters. However, some filters are washable and perfect for long-term filtration. 

The air-free air sterilizers and other air purifiers use ultraviolet rays or heat to purify the air and do not need filter replacements. Such types of purifiers offer convenience. 


There are several models and types of air purifiers, and each caters to specific needs. Therefore you have to consider your needs before selecting an air purifier. Here are some of the particular needs. 

  • Asthma
  • Allergies 
  • Smoke 
  • Pets 
  • Chemical sensitivities  

Here Is Why You Need An Air Purifier In Your Home

The air purifier manufacturers pitch for their products and tell that their air purifiers will improve the air quality in your home, it’s true. However, you need to know that some air purifiers like those with ionizing functions produce ozone which is harmful to your health. 

According to research, the best way to get rid of air pollutants is by properly ventilating your interior space. The air purifiers only reduce the airborne pollutants but cannot eliminate them. 

Plus, they do not have the capabilities to clear dander, dust, and other particles on the surface of your home. However, this does not dispute the fact that air purifiers are still efficient and effective. 

The best air purifiers can perfectly filter fine particles like pollen, pet dander, smoke, etc. Here are some of the situations in which the air purifier can be beneficial to you. 

You Own Pets 

People believe that there are hypoallergenic pets and that pets cannot cause any issues. However, dogs that do not shed hair can still release dander and skin into the air. 

The pets can also collect dust and pollen in their coats. You might not be allergic to pets, but their furs can carry pollutants that cause problems. 

Investing in high-quality purifiers with pre-filter will help catch stuff like pet hair. The air purifiers with charcoal or carbon filters will effectively trap odor, and this will help reduce the pet smells. 

You Have Respiratory Issues, Asthma, Allergies 

The air purifiers with HEPA filters reduce symptoms like coughing and wheezing for breathing problems or asthma.  

The purifiers also efficiently trap some common irritants like pet dander, pollen, and dust. You need to know that portable air purifiers are not ideal for allergy sufferers. The HEPA filters are also only beneficial when you clean them regularly and properly. 

You Smoke or Your  Smokes 

Cigarette smoke has several adverse health effects on you and those who live in your house. Second-hand cigarette smoke is even far worse as it comes with more pollutants. 

Excellent ventilation alone cannot protect you from cigarette smoke. However, ventilation and filtration using the HEPA filter will indeed remove the fine particulate matter from your room.

There Is a construction, or You live On a Busy Street

The best air purifiers can catch small particles such as dust from construction or cars moving on the road. 

Closing the window will prevent some debris from entering, but the air purifier will indeed trap anything that gets through the crack. Having this device will help you breathe better. 

You Have a Kid or Roommates 

You can be very clean, but it can be hard to maintain that perfect cleanliness if you have roommates or kids. 

Other people might not be keen on decluttering and will bring pet hair, pollen, and dirt into the house. If you have an air purifier, it will help clear such pollutants from your space. 

Other Ways to Ensure Your Air Space Is Clean

If you own an excellent air purifier, then it will do a perfect job of cleaning your room. However, purifiers cannot do the entire job; there are other things you can do to improve the air quality of your house. 

Regularly clean your home – You can use a vacuum cleaner and even dust corners using a wet piece of cloth. Note that the air purifier cannot trap particles that settle on counters, furniture, or floors. Place plants that purify the air. You can find out which houseplants you need here.

Open windows – It ensures that your space has well ventilation from the fresh air. However, do not open windows if you live in areas with a lot of dust or fumes. 

Clean your linen – At times, the beddings trap pet dander and dust mites. If you do not clean regularly, they will build up and cause issues. You should clean your linen at least weekly and use hot water. 

Properly ventilate your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room – Gases, moisture, and odors tend to accumulate in these areas. You can also install exhaust fans and outdoor vents to allow proper air circulation. 


The best air purifier will certainly help maintain a healthy living space by improving your air quality. However, do not only rely on air purifiers; you need to take additional steps to maintain perfect conditions. 

The air purifiers will indeed filter out smoke, dander, and pollen but can’t dust your floor or wash your carpet. It’s your role to ensure other things are in order. 

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