Vital Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Bank Card In Europe Now

Vital Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Bank Card In Europe Now

Around 67% of the Millennials Consider Bitcoin as an Asset that is Safer than Gold.

According to a global survey that JP Morgan Chase conducted, millennials trust Bitcoin more than gold whenever the economic climates are harsh. Approximately 67% of those in the millennial population prefer to include Bitcoin in their investment portfolio as they are better at weathering out the financial market’s volatility than gold.

Because of the Millenials’ built-in choice for Bitcoin, it has a highly substantial potential value in the long term.

Is A Crypto Card Worth It? The Advantages Of Spending Crypto

What is the crypto card used for? Cryptocurrency is among the best payment options because of the following:

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Is A Crypto Card Free? No, But It Allows You To Save Money And Time

With digital currencies, both employers and freelancers can save money and time. Yet, the costs associated with crypto payments involve the price of having digital currencies converted and transferred. However, these costs may be considerably lower compared to the massive transaction fees that traditional options in payment frequently charge.

Easier Preparation Of Invoices

When it comes to online marketing, business and freelancers may eventually have to prepare their invoices. There are now numerous platforms in payment offering these services so they can be successful in meeting the increased needs in the accounting of people who are using cryptocurrencies as one of their options in payment. Cryptocurrency platforms can be significant in easing out the whole process of invoicing, from creating invoices to the tracking of payments or sending recurring invoices as it makes them go faster and smoother.

How Do Crypto Cards Work? Crypto Cards Provide Quicker Processing

Compared to the traditional methods in payment, the processing speed may depend on how much money you have to send. When the amount is more considerable, the processing will be slower as more time is needed to meet the numerous formalities associated with significant amounts. When it comes to crypto payments, the resources that work on storing information can depend on processing speed. Once you have enough of this, you can send an immense amount within several minutes.

Can A Crypto Card Be Safe? It Doesn’t Have Risks When It Comes To Identity Theft

For credit cards and other traditional methods in payment, giving the details to a merchant would allow him to attain full access to the credit line that you have. At any time, he can have an amount withdrawn from your card without your consent. When it comes to crypto wallets, the holder is the only one allowed to send an amount that he needs to pay without having any other information revealed.

Relief From Any Runaway Customer

More than 50% of freelancers have experienced unscrupulous customers who don’t give payment for their work. There are even clients who make the payment delayed for a long time that when the freelancer gets their payment, there has been a significant reduction in value compared to when they submitted their output. That is what often happens because of centralization. For this reason, there are now many freelancers who are choosing to get paid using regulated platforms such as payments through decentralized cryptocurrency, so they can instantly get paid.

What Is A Crypto Card Used For?

Bitcoin, as well as the other cryptocurrencies, have been significantly beneficial for small businesses and freelancers because of these reasons:

Is A Crypto Card Legit? It Is Absent Of Chargeback Frauds

It would be best to use bitcoin whenever you want to avoid any hurdles involving chargeback frauds. That is because it is impossible to reverse bitcoin transactions when they have already been processed.

No additional overhead costs

With bitcoins and the other cryptos, you can save a lot as you wouldn’t have to pay for the unnecessary overhead fees whenever you deal with different kinds of payments like credit cards.

How Does A Crypto Card Work? It Is Quick To Set Up

For freelancers who conduct their services online, you may need to allow so much time to set up your payment infrastructure and having a bank account linked to it. However, if you use the cryptocurrency payment network, it can be sufficient to have a QR code set up as this can let anyone use digital services to have their payment transferred to your wallet in crypto.

Is A Crypto Card Safe? It Has Tracking That Is Transparent

Whatever size or growth volume businesses have, they need to track their daily operations and sales volume. By using bitcoin in your transactions, you can have a legitimately easy system for anyone to use whenever they need to track payments.

What Crypto Card To Get? Get One That Provides Ease In Transmission

Because of globalization, clients may not be restricted to just one nation. Cryptocurrency has been significantly contributing to the expansion and growth of freelancers and small businesses who have to work worldwide. It can be effortless to send bitcoins or digital currencies as a third party does not regulate them. It can allow companies and workers to get money instantaneously.

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Which crypto card is best?

Embily: the new worldwide acceptable crypto-friendly card


Have your Embily card used whenever you want to pay any of your bills, buy beer at night, or pay your credit card bills. With the Embily Visa card, it can be conveniently easy for anyone to pay for their invoices. 

Based in the EU, Embily knows that it is better to make money management less complicated. The price of the plastic card is €15 while the virtual card is €6. Both of these include a deposit of €10. You can replenish crypto, use Apple Pay, and withdraw from any ATM worldwide for both of these options. With Embily, every payment process can become streamlined so you can use your money simply and efficiently!

Payments can become quite too complicated every day. Because of the emergence of digital payments and cryptocurrencies, old market participants like banks now acknowledge them. Yet, since there are so many choices, anyone can experience a lot of problems.

However, Embily believes that we can make money more straightforward by streamlining the creation of an account that people can use for exchange, remittances, and payment for services or products. Embily wants people to become simply efficient in using their money.

Everywhere in the world, so many people use Embily cards whenever they want to pay, withdraw cash, or transfer funds. Because of that, we recommend that you top up your wallet with crypto so you can benefit from the platform.

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