Does Burger King Take Apple Pay? Burger King Restaurant Guide

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

Burger King is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the US, and it offers users a long menu of unique treats. 

Having many customers means Burger King needs to have several payment platforms to accommodate their user’s payment options.

Burger King offers several options; you can pay on the App or in-store, depending on your convenience. 

One of the best you could go with is Apple Pay regarding payments options. Let us take a keen look at these platforms and see if they are compatible with each other;

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Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King doesn’t use Apple pay on any of their payment platforms. The Burger King app does not support iOS devices, so you can’t use Apple pay to pay for a meal online. 

You also can’t use Apple pay in the store or for a drive-through order. You must have cash, credit cards, a debit card, or Venmo to pay at Burger King.

How To Setup And Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an online wallet on your iPhone or any other Apple device that allows you to purchase in-store, in apps, or online. You can also use it to electronically transfer money from other Apple pay users via imessages.

Essentially, when you are at a store or restaurant, you tap your iPhone at the slot at the register to pay. Apple pay is also fast in use; it is faster to use Apple pay than a physical card in the United States.

Apple Pay will not store your credit card number on your phone or any of its services; instead, Apple pay uses your phone’s unique device number and a transaction code to keep your information safe from hackers.

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device, then wallet and Apple pay, tap, add a card, and follow the screen prompts to add the card you want to channel money from.
  2. Use the camera feature on your device to capture your card’s number.
  3. Type in the credit card’s security number in the following window and click next.
  4. A list of terms and conditions of using Apple Pay will pop up on your screen, read them, then accept and move on.
  5. You have to wait for the bank to verify your card, some banks will send you the code to enter and verify on your iPhone, and you will be through with the setup. After entering the security code, Apple pay might ask you to use the same card as iTunes.

To use Apple pay, look for its logo, the Apple logo with pay next to it, or the wireless payment simple that resembles a sideways Wi-Fi signal.

When prompted, hold your device over the Terminal, and your card will pop up on your screen. You can use face ID or Touch ID, and the transaction will go through in seconds. You can also use your Apple watch to pay using Apple Pay.

Open your Apple Watch on iPhone and navigate to wallet and Apple Pay to set it up. In the next window, select the cards you want to use

If your Mac is Touch ID enabled, you can also use Apple pay for online orders; it doesn’t work for in-store payments like watches and iPhones. Using it will allow you to take advantage of iPhones security and privacy in what you buy. 

Go to wallet and Apple pay under system preferences to set it up. The process is similar to the iPad or iPhone, and you can do it in a matter of minutes. 

You can tweak settings to make Apple Pay easier to use once you have your credit card information on all your devices. 

To begin with, you need to enable Apple cash which allows you to send money to your people through iMessage.

The first thing you will see on the Apple pay settings on your menu is Apple cash; enable it by tapping the button next to it, so it lights up green. 

You can also set up other defaults if you like, the default card to pop up, shipping addresses, email, and phone number.

If you intend to have Apple pay on all your devices, you must add the credit card information to each device separately. 

You can add up to 12 cards if you have a newer iPhone, but some older iPhones can only take eight cards.

Burger King Restaurant Review

Getting a good meal in the morning or the middle of the day could make the rest of the day perfect for you. You need to know how good food is at a given restraint before visiting, so here is a review for Burger King;

1. Waiting Time

You can’t afford to waste a lot of time waiting for a meal in a restaurant or on order. This is why you will appreciate Burger King’s average of about 5 minutes to prepare your order. 

This time is among the fastest of all restaurants, making it a good choice for someone with a rush or tight schedule.

2. The service

This is the one part most people have a problem with burger king. Burger King has an average rating of 1.95 stars out of 5, implying that most customers were not okay with the service

This does not guarantee that you will have a bad experience at BK. There are specific stores that have good reviews, and most people with good reviews keep them to themselves. It might be worth it to go in and get an experience of your own.

3. The food

You will notice that Burger King still has a lot of customers despite its many issues with its service. 

Their food is what brings customers back for more each day. BK ensures a high-quality rating on each meal they produce. 

The management emphasizes that the food is fresh, and all ingredients are specific to ensure this. BK also has several variants in its menu, which keep the customers happy as they get what they want.

What Makes Burger King’s Whopper Sell So Well?

Everyone knows the whopper is the pride of Burger king. The chain introduced the whopper three years after opening, and it is a product of the redesigning of BK’s burger cooking process. Since its unveiling, the whopper has been a fan favorite, and it is not slowing down.

So what makes this whopper so delicious? This whopper has 100% beef and no color, preservatives, or additives. It uses a quarter-inch of beef which the cooks prepare, fresh for each order.

The transition to 100% beef is recent, and in 2020 the chain introduced their customers to the new and improved whopper that tasted as good as the original. 

The sandwich was already free of artificial ingredients in several countries, and the US came into the fold.

The franchise put the recipe on the wrappers to push for cleaner eating to further this change. The recipe listed lettuce, 100% flame-grilled beef, mayo, tomatoes, pickles, buns with sesame seeds, and onions. 

It also emphasizes that the burger doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. Burger King made this move because young consumers prefer foods with healthier ingredients, and they are a crucial target for fast-food restaurants.

In the US, 85% of Burger King’s menu doesn’t have any flavors, colors, or preservatives, and the brand is trying to achieve 100%. 

Burger King has grown so popular because of how much attention they put in keeping the high food quality and well cooked.

Each whopper comes with fresh-grilled meat to ensure it tastes nice and fresh. They use a broiler, add frozen patties onto a tray, and push them into a flame grill. 

Should one come out uncooked, they count the whole load as uncooked and redo the process with a new batch. 

This is why you go past BK and see a lot of smoke coming from the roof; it’s a broiler working endlessly to meet your needs.

The full slate of toppings also makes the burger so sweet. The toppings combine with the meat flavor to produce a fantastic, crunchy feel and taste, making customers return for more. 

To ensure freshness, restaurants slice their onions and tomatoes daily, and the pickles and mayo don’t have any additives. If this isn’t enough, BK allows you to choose the additional toppings on your burger. 

You can have bacon, onion rings, cheese, and barbeque sauce in your burger if you want to. A guarantee of freshness and good quality food are two parts that make burger king’s whopper such a fantastic product.


Burger King is one of the best places to eat in the US, and it might be worth a look when looking for a quick meal. They have a comprehensive menu, and you can get almost any meal you want on it.

Unfortunately, they don’t accept Apple Pay, so you have to find cash or use a credit card at their stores or online to pay for an order.

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