How To Ask A Man For Money: The Straightforward Tips

How To Ask A Man For Money

Anyone might have financial difficulties at some point in life or need some extra money for a specific activity. You may need to borrow money in such situations, and asking for money is usually quite tricky.  

The conversation about money is always awkward, no matter how you do it, e.g., through text, call, or in person. 

The issue of money usually causes stress in any relationship, but if you do not have any alternative options, you will have to do it. 

Luckily, a few tricks and steps can help you successfully ask and get money from a man. Below are some useful tips.

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How to Ask a Man for Money

The best way to ask for money from a man is by being upfront. You need to tell them why you need the money or what you will do with the money. 

The reason you need the money should be sensible and as well important. Do not ask for money to go to a party or vacation. 

With a good reason, the man (friend, family member, coworker, or lover) will be sympathetic to your situation and will most definitely give you the money. 

Other Useful Tips 

Specify The Amount You Need 

If you are not specific about why you need the money, he might think you are using him. You need to be very specific when borrowing money

For example, you can say the rent amount is $2000, but you are short $300. Do not let the person ask you the amount of money you need; be sure the man is cringing if he does. By specifying the exact amount, you make everything easier for both of you. 

Tell Him When You Need The Money

It is better to give him a deadline, or you can tell him it’s very urgent. If you ask for a huge sum like a hundred plus dollars, you need to give the person some time. 

The more convenient you make it for him, the better; he will have time to look for the amount. If you need to pay a bill, like water or electricity, and know the due date, you can tell him about it. Overall, always be clear about the deadline. 

Assure Him That You Will Pay Back 

The man will most likely lend you money if you promise and assure to repay the amount. However, if you ask for any amount below $100 from your lover or family member, he may not ask you to pay back. 

But it’s good to offer to repay, and it shows you are responsible, and this will also make him want to help next time. 

If you need a huge amount of money, you need to assure him that you will repay. You can even show him your repayment plan. 

Put It In Writing When Asking For Huge Amount

If you ask for a huge amount of money, you need to draft a plan that shows your repayment plan; this will put them at ease. 

Plus, asking for large amounts of money can be awkward if you know you will take some time to repay. You can make things calm by giving a repayment plan with the dates and even installment amounts. 

Tell Him How To Send The Money 

The sending method should be convenient to him. Do not make it stressful for him. You are already asking for money, so ensure everything is straightforward. Choose an option that is more available and cheap. 

Do Not Negotiate or Haggle A lot

When asking for money from a family member or friend, do not bargain over the small details. It will paint a bad picture about you, and the person may pull out of the deal. 

It would be best if you were simple and clear about your requirements. If the person offers you unfavorable terms, politely pull from the deal. 

Even if he is giving you money, the deal must be better for both of you. Always be grateful after receiving the amount.

Choose The Right Man

Asking for money is usually very awkward and difficult. Therefore you need to consider the person before asking for help carefully. 

Remember that money can ruin friendship and family relationships, and thus, you need to be clear in your selection process. 

Borrow money from someone you perfectly relate to and ensure he is stable enough to help you out. 

No matter how close you are, you need to approach the person clearly and concisely. 

Ways To Get Money From Your Man (Couple)

Today splitting bills is a very common thing between dating couples. It’s not like in the old days where all the bills were sorted by one party. Still, indeed, women usually want their men to spoil them with their money. 

It’s the man’s role to spoil his lady without her even asking, but if he does not do that, there must be an issue somewhere. So how do can you get money from your boyfriend without harming your pride. 

There are smart things that you can do to make your man give you money. Generally, men are usually generous when you make them happy and comfortable, and they won’t mind spending some dollars on you. Here are the things you need to do. 

Be Faithful 

In any relationship, you all must be faithful. But do not be faithful because of your man’s money. Truly no man can willingly spend on a woman that cheats. 

You need to prove that you sincerely love him and this will surely give him the confidence to spend on you. 

Be Generous 

Even though you need money from your man, you need to know that it’s not always the man’s role to spend. You can also take him out for lunch and pay the bill. 

Or even invite him to a movie day and pay for the movie tickets. The small acts leave a huge impact, and sooner or later, he will start spending on you. 

Act Independent 

You need to show your man that you can take care of yourself. Do not marvel at his house, cars, and other kinds of stuff. 

Even if you are going through hardships, stay cool, and he will assume you are independent. The funny thing is that such things make a man want to treat you more and give you luxurious things. 

Be The Woman He Dreams of

In the first years of dating, the man will most likely have complaints. There are certain things he will you change or adjust for the good of both of you. 

Would you please change some things that you feel will make the relationship better? With the changes, the man will see you as a wife or girlfriend material and comfortable spending on you. 

Give Him Some Hints 

You can do this when you go out for things like shopping. While at the supermarket or shoe store, you can point at a bag or shoes and say you will be happy if someone gifts you those. If the man asks to buy you any stuff, do not turn down the offer. 

Play The Emotional Game

If you urgently need money and are certain that you man has the money, the emotional game can work perfectly. Funny, but you can cry or pretend to cry until he lends you the money. 

Explain to him why you urgently need the money and keep pestering him until he wears out and is ready to listen and heed to your demands. 

However, do not always use this method on your man; he might find you to be nagging or a gold digger and decide to dump you.

Ask For A Loan From Him

If all the tricks do not work or you find it hard executing them, you can ask for a loan from him. The truth is your man will not give you a loan; instead, he might offer you part of the amount you request and ask you not to pay it back. 

The trick to this is when requesting your boyfriend for a loan, give him a huge figure. For example, if you need $800 for a project, tell him you need $3000 for the project. 

With this figure, your boyfriend will be willing to give you around $1000, and you will be good to go. 

He might then tell you that he does not have the whole loan amount. Remember to be grateful after he gives you the money. 


Asking for money has never been easy, but you will get it with the right techniques. If it’s your spouse, it’s okay to ask for help. 

However, please do not do it occasionally; this might make him question you a lot and feel uncomfortable around you. 

Each time he sees you, he will think that you need money, which might affect your relationship. Remember, it’s not only about him giving; you can also gift him at times. 

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