How To Buy Real Estate In Barcelona In 2023?

How To Buy Real Estate In Barcelona In 2023

Today the purchase of real estate abroad is one of the most popular opportunities to save and increase funds. For this reason, many people prefer to invest in properties abroad. It is not surprising, therefore, that the demand for various properties in Spain is constantly growing. This is especially true for some of its regions. The Spanish province of Catalonia is known all over the world for its unique atmosphere, and its capital city Barcelona is considered one of the main cultural centers of the country. Buying a property here, you can enjoy the surrounding southern nature and the beautiful sights. Villas prices in Barcelona vary depending on many factors, still they are reasonable and affordable. That is why the purchase of real estate in Barcelona is always in demand, not only among the Spaniards, but also among foreigners.

All The Advantages Of Buying Property In Barcelona

  • The mild Mediterranean climate of Barcelona is conducive to a comfortable life both in winter and summer. Even in the coldest time the temperature reaches +10 degrees.
  • Experts argue that the real estate market has already reached its “bottom” and in the future prices will only increase. Growth is expected to average 5%, and in some cases up to 7%.
  • Anything you buy will comply with the norms and standards which are very much taken care of in Barcelona. Even the oldest buildings in the city are in good technical condition.
  • Barcelona is an ideal place for making money on renting accommodation. For example, a small apartment of 40 square meters. m., located in the old city, will cost the tourist 840 euros for a week of stay. Two-bedroom apartment on the coast will cost 1700 euros for a week of rest.

All The Drawbacks Of Buying Property In Barcelona

  • All of the new buildings and modern neighborhoods are on the outskirts of the city. Many houses in Barcelona have narrow stairwells and staircases, and often lack elevators. In older apartments, the kitchens are usually small and very uncomfortable. This makes it difficult to arrange furniture, and makes staying indoors uncomfortable.
  • Buying real estate in the historic part of town or near the popular tourist sites, you must be prepared for a constant flow of people and noise. Most of the houses located on the coast were built in 1980-1990.
  • The cost of utilities is quite high. On average, for a small house a month will have to pay about 220 euros. The bill will include: water – 50 euros, electricity – 70 euros, gas – 50 euros, maintenance of the house and grounds – 50 euros. Upon request, a contract with an Internet provider, telephone company, etc. is signed.

Process Of Buying Real Estate In Barcelona

Once you have found a suitable housing unit, you will have to go through the following 9 steps (stages) of the transaction:

  1. Reserving the chosen object of the transaction.
  2. Search for an independent professional interpreter.
  3. Search for a lawyer in Spain to support and conclude the deal.
  4. Account opening in a Spanish bank.
  5. Obtaining an NIE number.
  6. Real estate cleanliness check.
  7. Preliminary Contract of Sale.
  8. Signing the Contract of Sale.
  9. Registering the new owner.

Buying A Property Under Construction In Barcelona

If you intend to buy a property under construction, note that the order of the deal will be different:

  • At the conclusion of the reservation agreement, you do not pay a deposit, and pay about 30% of the value of the object.
  • During the construction, you act according to the payment scheme approved by you and the seller.
  • You sign the bill of sale after the construction work is completed and pay the remaining amount for the property.
  • Another difference is that the seller must provide you with a package of documents confirming the legality of construction, compliance with regulations and the absence of encumbrances.

The Key Takeaways

The official website Spain-Real.Estate provides a wide selection of accommodation in Barcelona to any taste and need. Having selected the housing unit, address the trusted real estate agency represented on the website.

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