Do People Ever Win Amazon Giveaways? See How It Happens!

Do People Ever Win Amazon Giveaways

Have you been eyeing a particular item on Amazon for a while and wishing you just got it for free? Well, in that case, participating in an Amazon giveaway might just be the perfect thing for you.

However, the question stays, do people ever win amazon giveaways?

Of course, they do! Since the proportion of the winners to the participants is relatively small, many people tend to believe that the Amazon giveaway is nothing more than a scam. 

However, this article is set to cover the winner selection procedure and provide additional information about the giveaway to clear that misconception.

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Reasons For The Giveaway

The Amazon Giveaway was started to help sellers and authors increase their promotional marketing to generate more sales. With that view in mind, this program began in 2015 on a limited scale. However, it is now responsible for almost thousands of giveaways every week.

What Can Be Won?

Through the Amazon giveaway, you can win almost anything. The product list is vast, ranging from electronics such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, cameras, and other gadgets to household items, kitchen equipment, toys, and exercise gears.

The products listed for the giveaway are not usually sorted into categories, and there is no easy way to search for those either. 

This is mainly done to encourage customers to discover new products as they flip through many pages and hopefully find a liking to something they did not know existed. The primary purpose of the giveaway is promotional marketing and raising product awareness.

However, there is an easier way of finding out about giveaways of the specific products you’re looking for. Websites like Giveaway City and offer information related to all giveaways on Amazon, including but not limited to the number of prizes, a search tool, start and end dates of each giveaway, etc. 

It takes out a lot of guessing work from the game and allows you to participate in giveaways where there is a product that you want to win.

Process To Enter The Giveaway

The process to enter any giveaway on Amazon is surprisingly easy. Ideally, you just need to click the item you want to win and then follow the given instructions there. Sometimes you just have to click a box on the giveaway page, and you will get to know instantly whether you have won the item or not.

Other times, you might have to complete a small task such as watching a short video or following the manufacturer to enter. By following, you agree to receive promotional email updates of the brand/author. The good news is you can always unfollow the accounts once the giveaway has ended.

Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible to enter the giveaway. The criteria for eligibility are stated at the bottom of the page of the giveaway. Usually, you need to have a valid Amazon account, be over 18, and live in the USA.

Selection Of The Winner

Since there is a lot of confusion regarding the legitimacy of the giveaways, many people want to find out more about the winner selection process. Well, the winner is usually chosen based on the number of participants and a fixed interval. For example, if 5000 people have participated, then every 300th or 500th entrant might win a prize.

Sometimes, there are giveaways where there is an unlimited number of entrants. In this case, winners are often picked at random until all prizes are finished. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who sponsors the giveaway?

Contrary to popular belief, the giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon itself. Rather, it is done by sellers and authors who want to engage in some promotional marketing. The sponsors can range from large brands to small individual sellers.

2. Is any personal information shared when entering the giveaway?

Typically, no personal information is needed to enter the giveaway except for an Amazon account. Sellers at Amazon, in fact, are completely prohibited from asking customers to disclose personal information. 

However, if you win prizes worth $600 or more, you will be asked to give your tax information to Amazon. Otherwise, you will not receive the prize.

3. How is the prize sent to the winner?

In case the price is a non-digital item, the amazon authority ships it to the customers directly. But you will not be able to track it like their other shipments. And if the product is digital, it is directly added to the customer’s Amazon account.

4. How to increase the odds of winning in the giveaway?

You might come across loads of websites claiming to have found out the secret to winning a prize in the giveaway. However, the truth is, there is no true tried and tested method.

Besides, Amazon enforces strict standards such as not allowing multiple accounts by the same person to ensure that no one has an unfair advantage over others when it comes to winning.


Now that you know that the answer to the question – do people ever win amazon giveaways is positive, you might want to try out your luck! Who knows, the odds of you being the participants selected for the prize might just be in your favor.

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