Storage Units vs. Moving Containers: Which One Will Serve You Better? 

Storage Units vs. Moving Containers

A moving container is like a moving pod that you can rent to have delivered to your door. Once it’s at your home, you can load it up with all of the things that you want to put into the container, seal it off for safety, and then have it taken back and stored for you. 

What Are Storage Units? 

Storage units are typically a lot larger than moving containers and may or may not be climate-controlled. These are owned by a storage company that offers temporary storage in some cases as well as traditional long-term storage. You have the option of renting a storage unit or renting several spaces, depending on what kind of move you’re making (whether small or large) and your budget needs. 

What Are The Average Rates For Both? 

A typical moving container: 

$1,850-$3,000 for a 10-by-20-foot unit 

$2,200-$3,300 for a 20-by-40-foot unit 

A typical storage unit: 

Transfer rates determine how much you will pay to get your moving containers to their location. On average, the cost of transferring your container is around $1.50 per mile round trip. The difference in price between sizes has to do with the weight and size when factoring in fuel costs. If you’re renting from a reputable company then you won’t have to worry about getting overcharged for the fuel either. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Moving Container? 

You get to move your stuff at an unbeatable rate. You can rent a moving container from the comfort of your home or office. You can rent a truck or other vehicle for long-term storage. Is It A Better Deal Than Having To Rent A Truck For Long-Term Storage? In most cases, yes. You’re paying for the convenience of having someone else do all the hard work for you.  

If you were to go about this yourself, you would have to spend thousands of dollars on gas, insurance, and new tires just to make sure your moving containers are delivered safely and securely. By getting a moving container from a reputable company, all you need to do is pay for their services and provide them with the containers. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Storage Unit? 

You get to control your space with storage units. You can store not only your household items but cars and motorcycles as well for a small fee. You get better security with a storage unit. They have gates and fences to help you keep your stuff safe and secure while you’re working on getting everything else together. 

You can move in and out of the facility at any time with a storage unit while moving containers are typically dumped on site. If you need more room in the future, there is always room to find it once you’ve rented a storage unit. Self-storage companies offer different sizes of their facilities, so if you need more space, they can provide it for an additional fee. 

What Can Moving Containers Be Best Used For? 

Moving containers are ideal for small moves. They are the cheapest and fastest way to get your stuff from point A to point B. Moving containers can be rented from moving container companies that offer short-term, long-term, as well as climate-controlled storage. 

There are many moving container companies offering reliable services. The most important aspect when choosing a company is not necessarily what they charge but the services they provide. The company needs to be able to provide you with all of the things necessary for your move in an efficient manner that is cost effective too. 

What Can Storage Units Be Best Used For? 

Storage units are ideal for people who have a larger move coming up and need a place to store their items while they work on finding the final spot. Storage companies can provide you with as much space as you need. 

Self storage units are perfect for people who would like to have a permanent place in which to store all of their belongings. This  gives them the benefits of having access to their possessions without the hassle of moving them every time they want to use them. They can feel at home knowing that everything is underneath the lock and key were it not for them being there. 

Which One Serves You Best? 

Both moving containers and storage units are cost-efficient in different ways. Investing in a safest self-storage unit gives you the option of having a permanent place to keep your things while you work on finding a permanent home.  

Moving containers are best used for small moves because they’re affordable and convenient. You can rent one from any distance that’s convenient for your lifestyle and move everything from point A to point B safely and securely. 


Both moving containers and storage units are a better option than traditional long-term storage. Moving containers are a great way to keep your things safe and secure and save tons of money.  

Storage units offer you the option of staying in one spot for as long as you need to have everything ready for your permanent home. Both serve you well in their own ways and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs the best.