5 Ways To Make Money On The Web As A Developer

5 Ways To Make Money On The Web As A Developer

Knowing how to code is a fantastic ability. This opens up opportunities for you to work in the IT field and earn lots of money even from the very beginning of your career.

The best thing for a developer would be to study computer science and get a diploma or certificate confirming the skills. This is possible by graduating from university or taking online courses. Of course, there are also many free resources for learning programming – books, blogs, various platforms, and so on. It is easy to get theoretical knowledge. But it takes a lot of work to sharpen practical skills and learn how to code quickly and correctly. And it can be a real hassle for a beginner in programming. That’s why experts from https://wowassignment.com/ are available 24/7 for those needing help with coding tasks.

And they will gladly prepare a project for you or assist in the best way for an affordable price.

There Are Several Ways To Monetize Your Programming Skills:

Working as a professional developer

Working for a company as an employee is the most common way to generate income as a developer.

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There can be several benefits:

  • a steady income while you are still learning and experimenting;
  • health insurance, pension, paid vacation;
  • working on larger projects with large codebases;
  • learning from colleagues (formal mentoring + informal mentoring);
  • a structured career progression.

Company reputation can be a helpful signal even after you leave.


There are several advantages to becoming a freelancer:

  • more control;
  • more freedom;
  • extra income;
  • more time with your family.


Keep in mind that this is slow progress. You may see little progress at first, but consistency is key!

Have a schedule. For example, 2-3 posts/week. Something simple enough that you can manage without burning out.

How to make money with a blog?

There are several ways to monetize your blog:

  • ads;
  • affiliation;
  • promoting your products/services.

Creating a YouTube channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google, which makes it an ideal place to teach people and develop an online audience.

Choose a niche

It’s essential to initially have a specific niche (or two max). Refrain from jumping into topics that will confuse your audience.

Create a series of videos about your niche. This will slowly set you up as an expert in the field, and YouTube will start promoting your videos to those looking for similar content.

As long as you start and do your best to make amazing video content and edit them to perfection, you will get a little better with each new video you make, you can ensure that you are on the right track! To make your task easier you can grab hold of some amazing tools online to help you create and edit videos with ease. One such tool is a free video editor.

Subscriptions / Donations

Another way to make money directly from YouTube is to enable subscriptions.

Here are a few things you might consider:

  • access to videos before public release;
  • members-only live broadcasts;
  • source code for projects
  • discord access with unique roles;
  • one-on-one mentoring with you;
  • discounts on your online training/courses.

Currently, to open subscriptions on your channel, you must have over 30,000 subscribers and be located in one of the available locations.


Affiliate marketing is the process of reviewing and/or recommending a product or service and earning a commission when someone purchases that product/service.

Find a product you like, contact the owners and ask them if they want to create an affiliate link. Most of the time, they would be happy to do so, as you allow them to reach a new audience.


As your audience grows and the engagement of that audience increases, you will receive more emails from different companies who want to promote their products and services in your videos.

There is no exact formula for how much to charge a sponsor. It depends on several factors:

  • the number of your audience;
  • the engagement of your audience;
  • the brand that offers the product/service;
  • the deal you make with them;
  • the specificity of your channel and video to the product (If you are unique, you are worth more money).

Promote Your Products

Promoting your products could be the most lucrative way to make money on YouTube. Why? Well, because you already have an audience to sell to, and if done correctly, you should know your audience’s needs to create the perfect solution for them.

Create Digital Products

When it comes to programming, you can create many different products. If the product is valuable and helps others save time and money, you have a product to sell!

Here are some examples:

  • Plugins (WordPress, Shopify, Drupal);
  • Components (in React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap);
  • Libraries;
  • Kits (Design Kits, Component Kits);
  • Templates (HTML5, Bootstrap, Tailwind);
  • eBooks
  • Training;
  • Software;
  • Web and mobile applications And more.

Why Digital Products?

Digital products have many advantages over their physical counterparts.

With digital products:

  • you can sell infinite copies while the cost of production/replication is non-existent (most of the time). After all, it’s just a copy of the original product;
  • customers receive the product immediately after purchasing it, either by email or via a custom link where they can download the product directly;
  • you can use the money you would have paid to produce the physical product (manufacturers, labor, etc.) to advertise and market the digital product.

Group your products

Sometimes, you may find other designers who offer a complementary product that could be combined with your product, so you can team up and sell a package containing both products at a slight discount. This way, you can leverage both of your audiences.


These were five ways to monetize your programming skills and knowledge. You can always use your creativity and find a way to earn more money while still doing what you love.

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