Upgrade Your Kitchen Today With Whipped Cream Chargers!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today With Whipped Cream Chargers!

Whether you want the best-looking cupcakes at the bakesale or are looking for ways to increase efficiency for your business’ kitchen, a whipped cream charger may just be the answer! These handy helpers are great for a variety of dishes, including luxuriously fluffy whipped cream. With the selection of sizes available, chargers are a time and cost-saving measure for any size kitchen. Let’s take a look!

What Is A Whipped Cream Charger?

A tool of many names, you may have seen these called whippets or whip-its. A whipped cream charger is a metal canister that is full of N2O, nitrous oxide. For its namesake use, the gas inside the charger slowly dissolves into and mixes with heavy cream, forming a consistent, fluffy texture throughout for picture-perfect, delicious whipped cream. This can save bakers a lot of time, as whipping by hand takes forever to get right, and whipping with a mixer often ties up the machine. With a whipped cream charger, you can have your cream whipped in a matter of seconds.

Now, chargers don’t work alone. You need a combination of chargers, a whipped cream dispenser, and a pressure regulator— and they need to be compatible. The dispenser is required to mix the charger for your ingredients, but the pressure regulator is what really unlocks a cream charger’s potential. By adjusting the nitrous oxide, you can change the texture and density of the whipped cream or create other recipes with the N2O.

Who Are Whipped Cream Chargers For?

Everyone! Whipped cream chargers come in a wide variety of sizes, from individual 8G canisters when you’re baking at home to Exotic Whip’s 640G commercial-sized canister. Whipped cream chargers can be used in cooking, baking, and bartending. You can impress your friends with a few fancy frothy cocktails or create a delicious, picture-perfect pastry for your customers. Professional bakers and chefs can save time and energy in the kitchen and widen their menu. Here are a few ideas you can make with a whippet:

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  • Nitro coffee
  • Edible foams
  • Flavored whipped cream
  • Infused butter
  • Infused oils
  • Carbonated fruit
  • Specialty cocktails

Bonuses For Business Owners

If you profit off of your food creations, then you have even more reason to invest in whipped cream chargers. For one, they save you time and money. But they also help in marketing and count as a business expense for your taxes! The latter is pretty obvious, but you may be wondering how Whippets can help your marketing. Thanks to the consistently perfect textures, especially for whipped cream, you can market your desserts over social media with ease. And what your customer gets will match what’s shown on your menu or website.

Are Whipped Cream Chargers Safe?

Yes, but you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These will walk you through proper use and storage. Remember, cream chargers are full of compressed gas— you will need to handle them with care. Another thing to remember is that Nitrous Oxide, while non-toxic to eat mixed in with foods, is dangerous when inhaled—especially in large quantities. Always ensure the charger is properly inserted before releasing the gas into the dispenser.

It is not a secret that some events will hand out whippets for inhalation, which is why you must be over 18 to even purchase chargers. This is not a recommended use and can be dangerous. If you have chargers at home, keep them out of reach of kids and pets. At work, keep track of inventory and usage to be sure your employees are staying safe, and have a training session on proper use.

How To Use A Whipped Cream Charger

When using the charger to make whipped cream, the steps are pretty simple. Put your heavy cream and any additional flavoring or sugars into the dispenser and seal it. Then, add the charger. You will want to shake the dispenser for at least thirty seconds to make sure everything is mixed together well. Voila! Whipped cream is ready to dispense.

For other recipes, you will need to tweak the instructions. Carbonated fruit, for instance, gets refrigerated after its shaken and before you open the dispenser. Other recipes, like mousse, will need you to change the pressure. Once you get the hang of tweaking settings for different recipes, feel free to experiment with your own ideas! You never know what you might create.

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