How To Order Check From Bank Of America?

How to Order Check from Bank of America

In the United States of America, one bank has collected huge preference and fame over a short time. The bank came into existence in 1998, and since then, it has been one of the most desired and professional banks in the country.

One thing that is quite tricky is ordering a check from any bank. However, Bank of America wanted to reduce the hassle for its customers. So, if you want to know how to order check from the bank of America, then you will have to stay tuned and finish the entire article.

Plus, there are several other helpful pieces of info in here!

About Bank Of America

The bank was first established in 1998, and its headquarters is still in Charlotte, which has been their main branch for a very long period of time.

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Before we can cover the respective topic, it necessary that we understand a bit more about this exceptional bank. The motto of this bank is to ensure that the life of their customers is stable financially as well as mentally. They want to provide their customers with the optimum service and minimum load.

Are you wondering how they are going to do such a thing? Well, it is pretty easy! The bank depends on sophisticated policies to make sure that they provide their clients with top-notch business opportunities and ensures the success of our clients and others in the community.

Furthermore, the company believes that it is fully liable for any mishaps. So, the hassle of taking any financial aid is reduced exponentially. Moreover, the company wants to create a bond with its consumers. That is why, if you are planning for any sort of financial support or anything, then we suggest that you opt for this bank.

How To Order Check From Bank Of America?

Now that we know a little about the bank, shall we get to the real part? Another very lucrative thing about this bank is how you order the check. You see, doing that is a very effortless task, and you can do that using these simple steps:

1. Download the App!

Bank of America provides you with a mobile application. Via that, you will be able to do almost anything that you desire from the palm of your hand. The app is compatible with both IOs as well as AOs. Hence, no matter whichever electronic device you have in your arsenal, it is ideal for the task.

Anyways, as we have already stated that you need the mobile app. Using the application, you will be able to order the checks from the bank with ease and from the comfort of your couch or bed. Now, let us get into the details of how we can do the task.

2. Sign Up or Log In

Once you have the app on your phone, we can now get into business. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is either sign up or log in (sometimes referred to assign in). Now, the sign-up option is for those who are new to the bank and haven’t created an account.

When you are signing up, the first thing that you will have to do is use a valid email address. We request that you use your formal email as that will enable the bank to address and take the sign-up request more seriously.

After that, the mobile will ask for an accurate address. We suggest that you pick that and make Once you are done with that, we can move to the next step.

3. Select the Correct Region

Well, the next thing that you need to do is pick the right area. By that, we are trying to say that you should opt for the accurate ZIP code of the area from which you hold the account. You have to be very specific when you are doing this task. One wrong input might cancel the check request.

Hence, we suggest that you check everything before you input the ZIP. The best way to ensure that is to ask one of the employees for the ZIP code.

They will know the right answer, and thus, by doing that, you will be able to prevent the chance of making any mistakes while using the online mobile app or any other service it has to provide.

Another thing that you can do is use their webpage for the task. The webpage also follows similar steps, and you should have no issue following them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one print their checks?

Of course, you can! Checks are papers that have a piece of certain information. Whether you use a bank’s printed check or you print your check, the purpose of the check remains unchanged. So, there is no issue if you print your checks.

What is the price of ordering checks from Bank of America?

Ordering a check from a bank is not expensive at all. The average fee for such a task is approximately 20-30 cents.

Can I order the checks for free?

Well, not every bank provides free checks to its customers. However, Bank of America is not one of them. The company offers free checks to its premium-level customers- that is, customers that frequently use the bank for several dealings.

Is it possible to cash a check from Bank of America without an account?

Yes, it is possible. If the check is above 50$, then you would have to pay no fee. However, if it is above that threshold, then you would have to pay 8$ per check.

Final Words

Bank of America is one of the best banks available to the world. The bank is highly reliable and will offer its customers the optimum services and perks. Furthermore, now that you know how to order check from bank of American and how easy the task is, don’t you think that you should change your banks?

If we were in your spot, we would waste no second!

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