How You Can Save Money On Your Utility Bills This Winter

How You Can Save Money On Your Utility Bills This Winter.

As we’re about to enter Winter, you’ve likely noticed that the weather is getting colder, days are getting shorter and your utility bills are starting to grow as you need to use your heating and lighting more often.

The increase in the cost of utility bills during the winter can be a bit scary, you already have extra costs for Christmas around the corner, before you even think about your heating bill. So to keep your bills in check this winter, we’ve collected a few tips to help you cut the cost of your winter bills this year.

Layer Up With Jumpers

Fist off we have a piece of advice all of our parents gave us when we were cold at home ‘put a jumper on’, as a child it was hard to digest this information, but as an adult paying bills, throwing a jumper on can help you save on your home’s heating.

A lot of the time when you’re cold, throwing a jumper on or getting a blanket can often be enough to keep you warm without putting the heating on. Obviously sometimes a jumper just won’t get you warm enough. But by cutting out unnecessary heating will help keep your bills from skyrocketing, if you throw on a jumper before looking to the thermostat.

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Insulate Your Windows

Uninsulated windows are the enemy of the money savvy bill payer. When you have your heating on, you will lose heat to uninsulated windows, meaning that you need to run your heating on a higher temperature and for longer to properly heat your home.

You should insulate your windows, by purchasing thermal blinds for them to help retain heat and stop you loosing heat to the cold windows. Especially if you have a large window like on a patio door like bi-fold doors, in which case thermal blinds for bi-fold doors are necessary as you can lose a lot of heat to these big windows. By insulating your windows, you’ll find you can get heated by using your heating on a lower temperature for less time!

Use Solar Powered Lighting

Electricity bills often go up during Winter, as there’s less natural light available throughout the day, you’ll need to have the lights on in your home far more often to be able to see. It’s an unavoidable need as your options are either: turning the lights on or being unable to properly see for long portions of the day.

While having lights on throughout the day is a necessity, paying to keep the lights on is not. By purchasing indoors solar lamps can help keep your home lit without running up your electricity bill. On most days, there should be enough natural light available to charge the lights throughout the day, allowing you to light your home for free when it gets dark, which should help trim down your electricity bills.

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