Can I Put Electric Bill On Someone Else Name: Is It Legal

Can I Put Electric Bill on Someone Else Name

There are several reasons why someone might want to transfer their electric bill to someone else’s name. It can be when you are moving to another house. 

Or the owner of a house might have died, and the house ownership moves to the children. The electric bill is an additional responsibility; therefore, you may want someone else to oversee it. 

The best way to ensure they do this is by putting their name in it. However, there are many regulations and policies; navigating all the legalities and placing the bill in another person’s name can be tricky. 

Other people are still wondering if the act is legal. So, let’s find out.  

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Can I Put Electric Bill on Someone Else Name

Yes, it is legal; you can put the electric bill in another person’s name. The person should be living in the same residence or connected to the ownership or rental of the home. 

The person must also be an adult, and they must give you consent to do so. 

Particular renters will not allow you to do this because of lease restrictions. When it comes to naming transfers, some companies will immediately transfer while others request the other party’s information when you contact them.  

Additional Information 

The landlords will want you to put your name on all the house bills if you are renting. However, you can ask the landlord whether placing another person’s name on the bills is acceptable. 

You must also confirm the lease contract before signing to be sure if it’s possible or not. The process is not that tricky; however, you should get consent. 

Also inform your service providers, to avoid problems later on. There are instances when parents put the electric bills in their children’s names without their full consent, which is illegal. Even if you still live with your children in the same house, you need to let them decide.

Actions To Take When You Experience Identity Fraud

Someone can use your name without your consent. Therefore when you notice your name on another person’s electric bill, you need to take immediate action. Paying an electric bill, you did not use will affect your finances. Here are some of the steps you need to take.

Critically Study The Situation 

You need to find all the essential details about the situation to act accordingly. Look at all your crucial accounts since they might also be compromised. 

It includes bank accounts, credit cards, safety deposit boxes, etc. 

Alert The Service Providers

It would be best to alert the service providers such as banks, electric companies, credit cards, etc. Inform them of your situation and instruct them to stop or cancel the transactions immediately. 

Alerting the banks is crucial since they will help track the person who has stolen your identity. The quick action you need to take is closing your accounts. 

Scan Your Devices for Any Possible Viruses 

Mainly identity frauds occur online. Certain viruses can compromise your information. If they stole your personal account information online, it means that your device is corrupt. 

The best way to be sure about this is by scanning your device using an antivirus. If you cannot fix it through scanning, you can consult an expert, and the expert will help you improve your devices, plus point out the genesis of the problem.

File a Police Report  

It’s illegal for someone to use your identity without your consent. Therefore, you should file a police report; the police have the necessary tools which they can use to trace the culprit. 

When you report to the police, you should have your full proof of identity. The service providers will also need to prove your identity. 

Give the service providers time to work on your case. Only start using your account when they assure you that your account is safe. 

Is Putting The Electric Bill On Someone Else Name Good 

It depends on why you’re doing it; it can save money etc. However, putting your utility bill under another person can have positive and negative effects. Let’s look at how this can be beneficial to you. 

You can access the service with poor credit history

The utility companies usually request personal information when someone applies for electricity. The information includes things such as ID number or social security number. 

The information is crucial for the company since it checks customers’ credit history. If you usually pay your bills on time, you will have a good credit record. 

With a good credit history, you will secure services quickly and vice versa. However, if you have a bad credit score, you can improve it slowly by starting to pay bills on time. 

Putting the electric bill in another person’s name is the best way to access the service if you have a poor credit score.  

Customer Benefits

After some time, you can decide to open an electricity account with your name. The electricity company will surely give you the new customer discounts. 

However, the electricity company should not know you were accessing the services with another person’s name. They need to assume that you are a new customer and offer you unique customer benefits.

Residence Evidence (Immigration)

If you marry a non-citizen putting their name on the electricity bill is wise and helpful when they need residence evidence. 

It offers extra paperwork, which will be helpful when they ask for cohabitation proof. The joint utility is also great; you can add both names to the electric bill.

The Disadvantages Of Putting Someone Else Name On The Electric Bill 

Losing Customer Rights

If you do not get the services using your name, you might lose some customer rights. As a customer, you can be eligible for a specific type of assistance. 

However, you won’t get this assistance using another person’s name. That’s if the other person does not qualify for the specific service.

Possibility of Losing Your Property Share

It applies to those living together like couples. If you own a house and your spouse’s name is on the electric bill plus other utility bills, they can claim a share of your home. 

They will argue that they made significant contributions to the household expenses, believing that the home was joint property. 

It can also happen to mortgage property even if all the mortgage payments are under your name. Winning this case will be tricky if your partner covers other non-utility bills like food.

You Won’t Access The Services If The Other Person Relocates 

When you have the electric bills under another person’s name, it means you are entirely dependent on the person. The other person must be around or available for you to enjoy full uninterrupted service. 

Plus, if they decide to remove their name from your bill, you will have to get the service using your name. Therefore, you might go without power for some time since you have to follow the steps. 

How To Transfer Electric Bill To Someone Else’s Name

To change the name on the electric bill, you have to contact the service provider directly. The new person’s name can only appear on the electric bill if the original client removes their name. 

The best way to contact your service provider is through a call and clearly explain to them what you need. The service provider will want to know if the person’s name is on the lease and can deny your request if the person’s name is missing. 

Most landlords do not allow having the names of people that do not live on their property. The good thing about switching names is that the electric company can offer you back your deposit. 

That’s if you paid for one earlier on. If you are roommates, switching the electric bill will be straightforward. 

Is It Possible To Put The Electric Bill Under Two Names?

Yes, the electricity bill can have two names under it. The married couple usually put their names on one account. 

Both home residents can have a joint account that carters monthly bills. They can sometimes alternate the payments, but having one payment mode on the file makes things better. 

When using a joint bank account, ensure you put your names on all the bills you pay from the account. It helps to keep your files accurate and clean, and thus filling your returns won’t be an issue.


It’s possible to put the electric bill in someone else’s name, but the person needs to consent. The process is relatively straightforward, and all you need to do is contact the electric company. 

The company will request your account information and verification of your identity verification. For identity verification, they’ll need your email address, phone number, and you have to answer other security questions.  

The company can only change the names at the end or beginning of the billing period. 

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