Can Bank Tellers See Your Balance: What Bank Tellers Know About You

can bank tellers see your balance

Not everyone is comfortable revealing their account balances. Some may have security concerns, while others may feel shy about it. 

Hilariously, people who have security concerns have huge balances. On the flip side, people who are shy about revealing their account balance may have meager amounts in their accounts. 

Bank customers don’t have the right to see your balance. Your only interaction with a fellow customer within the bank premise is personal. 

Now, what about bank staff, such as tellers? Can they know the amount of money you have stashed in your account? Let’s respond to this question. 

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Can bank tellers see your balance?

Yes, why not. Bank tellers can see the amount of money you have in your account, but they cannot remove a penny or reveal the amount to a third party. 

Besides your bank balance, bank tellers can see other information about you whenever they access your account. They can see your home address, phone number, photograph, email, and social insurance number. 

So, whenever your profile displays on a bank teller’s screen, know that they can see a lot about you. They can even see your recent transactions, mortgage payment amount, your car insurance company, including where you did your shopping recently. 

Keep reading as we share more information about this topic. 

Who A Bank Teller Is

Who’s a bank teller? Let’s start by explaining this term. 

But first, know that a bank teller’s duties aren’t only to accept deposits or pay cash to customers. They perform other special tasks. 

Bank tellers’ job involves recording night and mail deposits. They also accept loan payments and sell series e bonds, cashier’s checks, and even traveler’s checks. 

When you visit a bank, you’ll find many workers, each performing a unique duty. However, the person you’ll meet on the counter whenever you visit the bank to deposit or withdraw cash is the bank teller.  They usually sit behind the counter, waiting for customers. 

Is It Necessary For A Bank Teller To See My Account Balance?

If many people have the option, they would ask their banks to prevent tellers from seeing their balances. But trust banks, such will never happen. 

A bank would prefer you move your money to another bank than grant you such a privilege. There are strict rules governing banks, and they have a reputation to protect. 

So, is it necessary for a bank teller to see your account balance? Yes, it is. Bank tellers have to see your account balance before honoring your withdrawal request. 

Let’s assume you have an account with XYZ bank, and your balance is $2000. You want to withdraw money from the bank but have filled in $3000.

You can see that you don’t have the requested amount in your balance. Now, what would happen if a teller issues the $3000 you asked for, whereas your balance is only $2000?

In this case, the bank may deduct the said amount from the bank teller’s salary. 

So, bank tellers have to check account balances before honoring customers’ withdrawal requests. Otherwise, they may end up making avoidable mistakes that can put their jobs on the line. 

What other things do tellers check besides bank balance? In addition to checking your balance, bank tellers may also check to know your account’s status. 

Is your account in good standing with the financial institution? Has the bank frozen your account? Or, are there other red flags on your account?

Bank tellers validate signatures. So, aside from the balance, they’ll check to know if your signature matches the one you signed on the withdrawal slip, etc. If it doesn’t, the teller might be kind enough to show you the signature card so that you can remember your signature. 

So, there are reasons bank tellers have to access customers’ accounts. It will enable them to prevent identity theft and manage customer’s accounts effectively. 

Is It Possible For Bank Tellers To See Customer’s Credit Score?

Bank tellers can see the amount of cash you have stashed in your bank account, including other personal information. And these are necessary to enable tellers to discharge their duties without any mistake. 

Now, can tellers see customers’ credit scores? No, they can’t. They’re not in the position to see such information. 

As earlier stated, bank tellers can only see a customer’s account balance, transaction history, address, photograph, signature, and other personal information. The bank may also limit what tellers can see in a customer’s account. 

Can A Bank Teller Remove Money From Your Account?

Yes, they can, but there’s no reason for you to fret. Honestly, bank tellers may steal money from a customer’s account, and many have tried such in the past. 

But the truth of the matter is that customers have no reason to be worried about bank tellers removing money from their accounts. Why? They’ll certainly catch them. 

Banks not only monitor the activities of tellers and other employees. They also perform audits now and then. 

A Handy Tip: Report any unauthorized transaction on your account immediately. By so doing, you’ll help banks to fight against theft and safeguard your account better. 

So, if a teller steals from a customer’s account, that person will be caught quickly. 

What can happen to a bank teller caught stealing from customers’ accounts? That person should be ready to face dire consequences. These include payment of fines, jail terms, and dismissal from work. 

Such persons may also forget about seeking a job in other banks because they have tarnished their reputation. No bank with in-depth knowledge of the crime would want to hire such a candidate.  

If you’re a bank teller and you suspect a colleague might be stealing from a customer’s account, complain to the bank authority. Otherwise, you might become an accomplice and suffer the same fate. 

Is It Proper For Bank Tellers To Ask Personal Questions?

Yes, it is proper. While many people may feel embarrassed by such questions, the bank tellers are only doing their jobs. 

Banks are there to make profits for investors. Therefore, no bank would be happy to make a customer unhappy or lose them. 

But the questions are necessary. Why? They help the bank tellers prevent identity theft and fraud and offer better protection for the banks and customers. 

What are the questions bank tellers may ask customers sending or withdrawing money? 

You might hear questions like where do you work? Why are you sending XYZ amount of money to Mr. A? How did you make such an amount of money?

Bank tellers are trained professionals and know when something isn’t right. 

A Handy Tip: Banks authorizes bank tellers to file UTR (unusual transaction report) for any transaction over $10,000. A bank teller that knows your financial struggles or dealings over the years won’t hesitate to raise the alarm when you approach the bank to transfer money to a country you have never done business in.  

But please, bear in mind that bank tellers aren’t witch-hunting you. They are only doing their job. So, when they ask you personal questions, provide the answer. Please don’t get mad at them.


Can bank tellers see your balance? Well, yes, they can. When your profile pops up on the teller’s screen, they can see a range of personal information about you. 

Banks might choose to restrict what their teller sees. But one thing they cannot restrict tellers from seeing is a customer’s bank balance. The bank teller needs to know your account balance before honoring your withdrawal request. 

You may also be wondering if bank tellers can steal your money. Well, the truth is they can, but many won’t. Why? The consequences of such an action are something no teller would like to face. 

On the other hand, tellers maintain strict confidentiality. Thus, they would never reveal a customer’s account balance to a third party. It is against the law governing banks. 


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