Why Do You Want To Work In Finance: Tips On What Interviewers Expect From You 

Why Do You Want To Work In Finance

Have you ever attended a finance job interview at any point in your career? If so, chances are you have encountered the popular question, “why do you want to work in finance?” 

This question might sound quite simple to answer. But on the flip side, it’s tricky. An interviewer can determine your suitability for the job via your response. That’s why you need to give a convincing response. 

When asked why you chose a finance job, the hiring manager or interviewing is looking for the following. 

  • Do you boast an immense understanding of the financial industry?
  • Do you even understand the demands of the job you’re pursuing?
  • Do you even know the main reason you chose a career in the financial sector?

The interviewer would like to know these things about you. Now the question is, what should be your response? 

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In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can respond to questions on why you chose a job in the financial industry. Read on!    

How To Respond When Asked Why You Want To Work In Finance

The first thing you need to understand is this. Interviewers are more intelligent than they look or that you think. By the way, this point is not to scare you. See it as a push to bring your A-game when attending interviews. 

Your response to such questions must be convincing. Otherwise, you might gift the job to someone else, who might not be better than you. 

So, here are tips on how to respond to this possible interview question.  

#1: Convince the interviewer that you excel with numbers and enjoy working with money:

Finance jobs usually involve calculations, decision-making, and money. You may handle physical cash or work with numbers, depending on the role the organization wants you to play.  

So, if you tell the interviewer or hiring manager that your reason for choosing a job in finance is because you excel with numbers and take pleasure in working with money, you haven’t made a terrible point.  

You can further explain to them that you find it enthralling how wealth grows over time, how a hundred thousand dollars invested properly can grow to become a million dollars or more, over a space of ten, twenty, or thirty years sometimes, less. 

It’s so surprising how a millionaire becomes a billionaire, over time, despite facing several hurdles. Mention that you would like to go deeper in the financial industry and learn from experts in the field, which the company has plenty of. 

Another reason you’re considering a job in finance is because you believe you can use your experience and knowledge to help the company’s clients grow their wealth and contribute to the solid reputation built over the years.  

#2: You dream of becoming a chief financial officer at a reputable corporation:  

I don’t think interviewers would feel bad when you mention such big dreams. Why? They have big dreams too. And it’s the same thing with the company itself. The top management or owners would want the firm to become leaders in the industry in a given period.  

So, dreaming big isn’t a bad thing to say during an interview. Just ensure your points are valid and logical. 

You can mention that your dream is to rise to the position of CFO someday. You want to get to a position where you would have the privilege to oversee the budgets of a massive organization like the one you’re seeking to enter and make critical decisions that would yield success.

Don’t try to appear desperate while responding to the question by stating your dream. Just try your best to convince the interviewer that you trust the process and are patient. 

Let the interviewer know that you’re fully aware of the challenges and hard work finance jobs have. And you know, getting to the top would require sacrifices and commitment. But you’re willing to work hard.  

If you applied for an entry-level position, make the interviewer understand that you’re ready to start entry-level and let your dedication take you up the ladder. 

Now, this is great. What you have done is give the company an idea that you are there for the long haul. 

The thing is, organizations treasure stability. Thus, they might start taking you seriously when they discover you have long-term goals. 

So, let the hiring manager know that you’re ready to climb the corporate ladder step-by-step by demonstrating your skills and delivering impressive results. 

You have to convince them that your top priority is succeeding in the role and achieving your dream of becoming a CFO. Nevertheless, if you can’t hit your goal, you will always fancy the financial industry and be willing to improve yourself.  

#3: You enjoy the independence the job offers:

This is where you can express your people and sales skills. Both are relevant skills for the job. And they could promote you as the right person for the job.    

You have to make the hiring manager understand how much you fancy finance jobs’ independence and freedom. If it’s a financial advisor position, you already know the requirements for the job.  

 You can continue by stating you fancy the idea of planning your schedules and meeting up with clients in beautiful places to discuss investment opportunities. 

Finance jobs allow professionals to help people make good investments, which is something you like. You want to help clients by making intelligent decisions that will take them to the next level while contributing to your company’s growth.       

You can even make the hiring manager understand that you know many people might have failed in this role, but you don’t plan to be among the number. You believe they failed because they didn’t try harder enough. 

Make them believe you’re willing to go the extra mile. And that you strongly believe your sales and people skills give you the much-needed edge to deliver impressive results. 

You can answer this job interview question in several ways. The main point is just to be you and speak from the heart. Don’t try to act smart and choose your words carefully.  

Let’s look at things you shouldn’t say in an interview.   

Things You Should Not Mention In A Finance job interview 

Securing an interview is a big step in any job search. But it’s not a guarantee that one would land the job. 

The interview you secured means that something about you impressed the hiring manager. So, they want to meet and assess you in person. By the way, many applicants didn’t make it this way. You were fortunate you did.

Here are things you shouldn’t say during your finance job interview.

#1: Financial reward:

The number one reason most people pursue a career in the financial industry is the monetary gains. Your interviewer knows this because they were once an interviewee like you. 

Nonetheless, they don’t expect your answer to an interview question on why you want a job in finance to be about financial reward. Such a point doesn’t sound professional and may threaten your chances of landing the job. 

So, don’t mention that you are chasing the finance job because of the financial reward and opportunity you would have to live your dream life. Don’t make the interviewer start thinking you only care about the money.

#2: Keep it short: 

Keeping mute or giving responses two or three sentences long isn’t an excellent way to approach an interview. But at the same time, being concise is essential. 

You don’t need to speak for hours to convince the hiring manager that you’re a good fit for the job. Remember, you’re in a corporate environment, not a town hall meeting. The hiring manager has other candidates and other jobs to perform.

Therefore, learn to hit the nail on the head. Go straight to the point and directly answer questions.   

#3: Desist from telling lies:

Interviews are always highly competitive. Thus, most interviewees can do anything to turn the hands of hiring managers in their favor. 

So, there’s a chance that some candidates might tell lies. But distance yourself from candidates using such tactics to scale through interviews. You might secure the job by lying. But sooner or later, you might lose it embarrassingly. 

Don’t tell lies about work experiences you never had or situations that never existed. Don’t forget that the interviewer may likely do a follow-up background check on you and spot those lies. 


Alright, why do you want to work in finance? Start thinking of the answer you would give during such interviews. If you have an upcoming finance job interview, prepare yourself for such questions.

Interviewers ask this particular question to gauge candidates’ readiness and passion for the financial industry. It would also give them a clear idea about your suitability for the job. 

So, get yourself well-prepared to sweep the interviewers off their feet. Give responses that would showcase that you are a true professional with immense knowledge of the financial industry. 

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