Tips On How To Change Cash App Password

how to change cash app password

Cash App is a feature-rich peer-to-peer money transfer application. It offers users the opportunity to spend, save, send, and even invest their money. 

The mobile app’s initial release date was 2013. In 2020, seven years later, they had a record 36 million active users.    

This app runs smoothly on iOS and Android devices. And it’s available for a wide age group, including teens (13 to 17 years). One can easily send and receive money from family and friends from the app.

Now, the question is, how can you change your Cash App password? This question is relevant, given the need to keep your account safe. 

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We’ll explain how you can keep your cash app account safe 

How To Change Cash App Password

Cash App is one of the most-secured peer-to-peer money transfer applications available. But that doesn’t mean users shouldn’t put in more effort to secure their accounts. 

Besides ensuring your pin/password is safe, you must endeavor to change your password once compromised. However, the password changing approach would depend on if you can or cannot remember the old password. Let’s discuss both scenarios. 

Method 1: How to change Cash App password/pin when you have forgotten old password:

How can you change or reset the password/pin if you cannot remember the old one? Follow the steps below. 

Step#1: Launch Cash App on your mobile device

Step#2: Visit profile icon

Step#3: Locate the “privacy option.” You have to scroll down to locate it. 

Step#4: Hit the “Cash Pin” icon. You should get a verification code at this point. 

Step#5: Now, enter the verification code.

Step#6: Wait for the application to send you to the page “Set New Pin.”  

Step#7: Enter a new pin (you have to enter it twice) to complete this process.  

A Handy Tip: Choose your password/pin carefully. Avoid simple passwords that might be easy for criminals to guess. 

Method 2: How to change Cash password/pin when you can still remember the old password:

If you have a reason to believe your Cash App’s current password has been compromised, change it without hesitation. Don’t wait for criminals to strike before taking the decision. 

Now, how can you change your Cash App password/pin when you can vividly remember the old one? Follow the steps below. 

Step#1: Launch the App

Step#2: Hit the “Profile” Icon

Step#3: Hit the App’s “Change Pin” icon.

Step#4: Please wait for Cash App to send a password to your mobile device. It’s a one-time password, so you have to enter it quickly before it expires. OTPs only have one-time usage or last 10 minutes.  

Step#5: Enter the code sent to your phone on the screen. 

Step#6: Wait as the app takes you to a new page to change the pin. You would arrive here if you entered your pin correctly. 

A Handy Tip: It is important to change your password if someone has access to your old password. Do not wait for criminals to gain access to your account before acting

Endeavor to use a memorable but strong password when changing your old Cash App password. That’s the easiest way to keep your account safe. 

How Can You Keep Your Cash App Account Safe?

You can secure your Cash App account in several ways. The first, which we just discussed, is to change your password now and then. Here are other things you can do to keep your account safe.

Tip#1: Activate security lock:

The security lock is a wise choice for Cash App account holders sharing their accounts with a family member. This feature allows users to enter a passcode whenever they transfer money from the app.

You can set the notification to enter your device via email or text message. Choose whatever option that’s convenient for you. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to activate the security lock feature on your Cash App.

  • Hit the Cash App “profile” icon. You’ll find it on the app’s screen. 
  • Choose privacy, and the next is the security icon. 
  • Enter your Cash App pin or the Touch ID (iOS users).

Tip#2: Ensure regular updates:

Besides activating the security lock feature and changing passwords now and then, a regular update is another proven way to keep your account safe. 

With regular updates, you can take advantage of new security upgrades and possible loopholes in the app discovered and fixed. 

Other Ways To Keep Your Cash App Account Safe

Use the following tips and advice to keep your Cash App account safe. 

  • Use long and complex passwords
  • Keep Cash App password and email safe
  • Double-check before transferring cash to your contact
  • Secure your mobile device. You can use a pin or any means to secure it. Mind who you give your phone to. 
  • Experts recommend using two-step authentication.
  • Visit your Cash App account to check and report unusual activities as quickly as possible. 

Can Cash App Account Be Hacked?

Yes, it’s possible, but not a simple process. It’s also your fault if a cybercriminal hacks into your account. How’s it a Cash App user’s fault an account was hacked?

Like other mobile payment platforms, Cash App keeps paying close attention to security. That’s why you’re getting regular updates to upgrade your app.

So, if a Cash App account gets hacked, the fault might not necessarily be Square Incorporated’s fault. There’s a huge chance that a user caused it. 

The thing is, hackers, utilize various techniques to hack people’s accounts. One of those techniques is email phishing. They usually embed malware or spyware on email messages. 

Once you click on such a link, your computer or the mobile device could become infected with malware, or the software may be downloaded and installed on your device. 

How can you prevent this from happening? It’s simple. Don’t click on any suspicious emails. Ensure you know the sender before clicking an email link. 

Hackers may also gain access to your Cash App if your login sensitive details about the account fall into their hands. These include email address, phone number, and pin. 

How can you prevent this? It’s simple. Keep your credentials safe. You need to keep your password, phone number, email, and other information linked to the account. 

Two-step notification can make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your account. 

Can A Cash App Account Be Hacked With Username?

No, criminals cannot hack into your Cash App account with a mere username. It doesn’t matter how witty the hacker is. 

What hackers use are sensitive information such as email, phone number, and pin.


This post explains how to change the Cash App password. There are several reasons to consider changing passwords. But the major reason is to keep the account safe. 

Changing a password is a good option if the old password has already been compromised. But ensure the new password/pin is complex and long. However, the password should be a breeze to memorize. 

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