What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart? A Detailed Answer

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check at Walmart

Check fraud is one of the crimes that has seen a growth in the last couple of years. What happens is that the criminal pays with the help of fake checks, and the recipient receives it without any question as most people don’t doubt the authenticity of checks.

A lot of people are asking,

what happens if you cash a fake check at Walmart?

Firstly, most Walmart stores have machines capable of checking the authenticity of a check, and these machines are extremely accurate. So, there’s zero chance of cashing a fake check at Walmart.

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Secondly, every Walmart store requires your facial recognition ID for payment through cash. Even if we assume that your fake check gets through, you’ll be tracked down using your ID.

Now, we’ll take a look at how you can spot a fake check.

What’s A Fake Check?

Fake checks are checks that have been copied from real ones. Each check comes with a unique number that provides its authenticity. This will be missing in the fake checks. These are usually associated with accounts that don’t belong to the fraud.

There can be two types of fake checks. These are fake business checks and fake cashier’s checks. The business checks are used as methods of payment, and they’re mostly professional-looking.

On the other hand, the fake cashier’s checks can be determined easily, as these are mostly poorly crafted.

How To Spot A Fake Check?

While spotting a fake check isn’t an easy job, it’s definitely possible. Today, we’ll take a look at two ways in which you can accomplish this. Let’s take a look at them.

Automatic Method

In this method, you need to get yourself a check validating machine. There are companies like Telecheck and Varicheck that provide high-quality and accurate machines for this purpose.

When any Walmart or any other store is using one of these machines, then you’ll find their logo on the billing department. These machines are capable of spotting any sort of fake checks. The only way through which a person can use a fake check is if that check is linked to a real account with the appropriate amount of cash. However, when a missing check is reported, then it’ll get the perpetrator to jail.

Manual Method

You’ll need to consider multiple factors to find out whether a check is fake or not. These are:


The first thing that you should look for is the origin of the check. Some fake checks don’t come with a legitimate bank name on them. They may look similar, but some of them will use a different font, different color palette for the logo, or the name might even be misspelled.

This might not be the case for every fake check, but it’s worth checking out.


Sometimes, frauds are found to write higher amounts of cash than required in fake checks. This forces the recipient to send the extra money back. Such checks should be handled carefully.

Safety Features

Safety components are the toughest to duplicate. Every check offers some of these in the forms of watermarks, microprint, security thread, color-changing ink, etc. Checking these will help you spot fake checks.


The name of the owner will be printed on the check. If it isn’t, then the check is fake.

Bank Phone Number

Real checks come with the phone number of the bank itself. If the number is fake, missing a digit, or isn’t present at all, then the check is fake.

What To Do After Accidentally Cashing A Fake Check At Walmart?

In case you’re caught cashing a fake check at Walmart, and you’ve been informed of that, the best thing to do would be to return that amount of money through cash. This will get some heat off of you. You’ll still be arrested by the police. Still, sometimes this act can help you persuade the recipient to understand that it was an honest mistake on your part.

Are You A Victim Of Check Fraud? Here’s What To Do

It’s okay to fall victim to check fraud despite caution, as some fake checks are extremely well-crafted. In such a case, you need to report that to your bank instantly. Letting your bank know about it beforehand will help them understand that you were the victim in this case.

You must also report this to the bank from which the check was issued. Finally, it’s important to report the medium through which you’ve made the deal with the scammer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long May It Take a Bank to Detect Fraud Check?

Fake checks can take some time to be detected. Your bank will usually add the amount to your account within two days maximum, as that’s the law. After that, it will send you a notification that the check has been ‘Cleared’.

However, that doesn’t mean that the check is real. It can take up to a month for checking whether a check is real or not, after which the bank will ask you to return that specific amount.

Can Check Fraud Result in Jail Time?

Yes. If you’re using a fake check, or if you’re using a check that belongs to someone else, and has been reported missing, then the check will be flagged under the scanners used in Walmart stores.

If you’re guilty of check fraud, then you can receive a considerable amount of jail time. The punishment will depend on the type of crime the bank determines for a specific incident, which can be misdemeanor theft, forgery, grand larceny, or embezzlement.

What to do After Accidentally Depositing a Fake Check in Your Account?

If you’ve received payment via a fake check unknowingly and assuming that you want to fix that, you should inform your bank as soon as possible. After that, you must file a complaint in Better Business Bureau, IC3, Green Dot, MoneyGram, FTC, and other relevant organizations who might be able to help you get a refund.


What happens if you cash a fake check at Walmart?

Intercepting check fraud is much easier now than it was even a few years back, and this is why no one should cash a fake check at Walmart or any other entity. If you’ve come across a fake check, we highly recommend you report it to the authorities.

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