Smoking Or Vaping: The Best Choice For Family Budget


Smoking Or Vaping

Vaping Vs Smoking: Key Concerns

Vaping, being quite a new activity, has gained immense popularity among the population worldwide. However, many people still cannot decide between vaping and smoking. The reasons for doubts are evident health dangers that the majority of people are familiar with. In case you are not sure about such possible danger, you should know some facts. The issue of health effects of vaping is also important for the family budget because the money could be spent for further treatment if a person is a vapor or smoker.

1. Vaping and Lungs

Negative impact of smoking on lungs is a well-known fact. However, when we come to vaping, not everyone understands the risks. The thing is that an e cig was primarily developed as a safer alternative to smoking and many people still believe in it. The number of people (especially young people and teens) vaping is rising every year.

The truth is that scientific research proves that all kinds of e cigs (cig-a-likes, vape pens for e liquid or the ones with pod vapes) can cause the development of severe lung disease. Researchers also claim that some flavours strengthen the effect, but there is no specific danger of safe flavour.

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2. Vaping and Heart

Cardiovascular system is the one that suffers a lot within human life. Annually hundreds of thousands of deaths from heart disease are being reported. Vape pens are as hazardous for the heart as usual cigarettes are: they can increase the risk of heart attacks. In fact, we cannot claim that vape pens cause heart attacks, but they play a great role if a person already has some problems with the cardiovascular system.

In addition, the heart might react badly to a particular substance being vaped. If the chemical composition of an e liquid differs from flavour to flavour, from manufacturer to manufacturer, the use of best pod mods from vapingdaily is more or less non-contradictory. Cannabinoids contained in the plant have a complex effect on the heart. Making the heart pump harder and dilating the vessels, cannabis increases risk of heart attack.

3. Vaping and Fertility

The danger of nicotine consuming for the ability to become a parent is widely known. When it goes about the cigarettes, the other toxins (such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons, lead, arsenic, and other possible chemicals) mediate the effect and make it even stronger. The worst thing about vape pens is that they are not as strictly regulated as the cigarettes are, which makes it impossible to track all the ingredients used for e liquid and for creating the device itself.

When the device is heated, a vaper inhales not only the substance which is out into the tank but also the heated micro particles that are oozed out. One can never predict which elements are used for creating, say mouthpiece. No matter if they are completely safe, or radioactive, nobody knows the direct effect of this particular vape pen of human health. All the irritants and toxins evaporated negatively influence both the female and male reproductive system.

Vaping And Health: Conclusion

For sure, vaping is dangerous for many more health systems and there cannot be a list of possible dangers because the number of research is limited. Scientists need hundreds of years to discover all possible dangers of the vapes in their modern look and content not taking into account future developments.

These data make us sure that vaping is neither better, nor healthier than smoking. Therefore, many people choose between vaping and smoking on the basis of other factors. One of such factors is money because no matter how rich the human is, a desire to retrench is always stronger.

Vaping And Money: The Real Picture

To find out if vaping is more or less expensive than smoking, the fundamental point is to count expenses for at least a year, not a month or a week. The problem also lies in the fact that the initial process of becoming a vaper is much more expensive than one can expect even though it depends on the demand of a person. For instance, buying a starting kit with the most advantageous e liquid bottle is cheaper than buying a pod vape and a collection of e liquids.

What you need at the beginning? The basic expenses for becoming a vaper include the e cig itself, some coils, e liquid (or wax if you plan to use vape mod, or cannabis is you will use dry herb atomizer), and some other vaping accessories, the choice of which depends on your personal needs and expectations from vaping. With time, you will need to buy extra vaping substance and coils; and rarely you will need either to buy a better model of a vape pen, or simply to change the battery.

The most beneficial option is to buy a starter kit, which costs from $25 on average. However, depending on the characteristics the price might be much higher. For instance, for a good vape pen with the opportunity to adjust vaping parameters, you will have to pay a minimum of about $44. The evident pro of a starter kit is that you can try if you like the activity and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Some vape cafes provide people with similar opportunities.

Statistics claims that the average sum that a vaper spends for a coil and an e liquid is about $64 per month. Simultaneously, the data claim that a smoker spends about $430 per month. The difference is immense even if we take a year. For sure, the real figures can differ from region to region. To have more precise data, it is better to download an app, which will count the amount of money you save when you are not smoking and track your expenses for vaping. Then to compare.


To sum up, both smoking and vaping negatively impact human health. Though respiratory and cardiovascular systems are under a great threat, the other systems also suffer from vaping. Talking about family budget, it might be difficult to balance the budget in the way everyone is satisfied. For sure, the issue of money is a contradictory one. However, if a person wants to find a compromise, a smoking member of the family can consider changing to vaping, which is cheaper, indeed. Simultaneously, he or she must take into account the health risks because his or her treatment must be covered with family budget especially if his insurance does not cover such cases.

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