Why Chime?

Why Chime

It’s hard to talk about modern banking without Chime being mentioned. Chime is a modern financial app that does everything right. 

It’s hard to find a bad Chime review because it works so well. But, why is Chime so good?

What Is Chime, And What Do They Offer Their Customers?

Chime partners with other companies to offer its customers a wide range of services, including:

-Free ATM withdrawals up to $500/month (in the United States)

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-A free Visa debit card (optional – no minimum balance required)

– No overdraft fees

-Mobile banking with alerts and updates

-Free direct deposit. Your paycheck is already in your account when you get to work on payday.

-Easy bank transfers – no need to know your account number or an 11 digit routing number. Just a username and password, and you’re done.

-Free international ATM withdrawals at any ATM that accepts MasterCard (in locations where Chime has partnered with MasterCard)

How Does Chime Work – What Are The Benefits Of Using Their Services?

Let’s say you have an account with them. Your money management largely comprises using their card to buy things in real life, and transferring around your money. You can keep track in real time of how much money you’re spending in certain categories, like food or transportation (and there are lots of categories), you can set up specific transfer rules, like “if I spend over $X on transportation this month, transfer Y money from my savings account to checking.”

Chime also has investments. You can use their tool to invest your money in the stock market, or specifically target certain companies that you think are doing well. Chime makes this really easy by already having indexes loaded in; you don’t have to manage it yourself. Chime’s investments tool also has helpful hints, like how much money you’re missing for retirement (and what age you should be at that point), and other good advice. It breaks down your spending into categories like food or clothes, and shows if the category is over budget or under budget.

You can also link up your accounts with other companies, like Mint, for example, which will then import all your spending data, and match it up to the day in Chime.

Why Chime Is A Great Choice For Your Banking Needs Is

It’s rare to see a company that listens so well, and adapts based on customer feedback.

With Chime cashback, you can save money while you spend by rounding up every transaction to the nearest dollar and putting it back into your savings account. There are no fees, unless you choose to pay for the cards, which is optional. It’s an amazing way to live your life without any credit checks or anything like that. Chime is free of all that junk.

Chime will never charge you money for direct deposit – if you want them to deposit your paycheck into your account, they will. If you can’t get a direct deposit (because you don’t work for a company that offers it), Chime will help you set up the paperwork to give yourself an “allowance” on their platform.

Anytime you want to transfer money from one card to another – no fees. No hoops to jump through. Just one button and your money is transferred within 24 hours.

Chime also has amazing customer service (and not because they deal with a lot of disgruntled customers, but because they really take the time to help those who need it – at random or without prompting). Chime also doesn’t charge for international ATM withdrawals. There’s no minimum balance, and you can withdraw as much or as little as you want.

Customer service is available in around 20 different languages, so if English isn’t your first language, no problem!


Chime is available online, or on your smartphone. You can easily set up direct deposit and link other accounts to it. It’s a way to keep track of your money and help you move forward financially. And all without having to pay a bunch of extra fees – everything in the world of banking should be this simple!

Thanks for reading!

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