Business Financing Mistakes You Must Avoid with Your Startup

Business Financing Mistakes You Must Avoid with Your Startup..

Money is the most vital resource every small business owner must-have for a business startup, even though it can be scary. You can’t turn any great business idea into reality without capital, and it can take several months before you start earning income in your business. Since startups have become more popular than before, so also are business financing options expanding. While it is possible to start a business from the comfort of your bedroom with minimal head-cost, you will need business financing to turn your brand into a more severe business eventually. The following are some business financing mistakes you must avoid as an entrepreneur;

Handling Everything On Your Own

The bookkeeping process can be complex, especially if you are not smart with money. While it is possible to become more educated on finances, it is best to allow a professional accountant to help you manage your business finances. There is a lot a professional accountant can do aside from bookkeeping, and they can guide you through specific financings such as machinery finance, property finance, and taxes.

You don’t need to hire a full-time financial officer or CFO, but you can easily outsource some parts of your business finance works like invoicing, taxes, and business reports. You may want to go for more education to learn more about budgeting, and this could save you costs on hiring even more people to handle business finances.

As an entrepreneur, the first mistake you should avoid if you want to become successful is handling everything alone.

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Not Keeping Business Statements

Not keeping your business statements is another error you must avoid as an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs often believe they can fully automate their bookkeeping, when in a real sense, you may still need some paper documents.

There are lots of software around that can make business statements a lot easier; you must still keep every receipt and other physical documentation of your business income and expenses. Don’t forget to print out your monthly bank statements, and also keep in mind you must have a separate account for your business.

One of the worst steps you can take as an entrepreneur is to have your business costs and profits mixed with your finances.

Hiring Unqualified People

It is easy to fall into the trap of hiring unqualified people into your business when you are operating on a meager budget. Many entrepreneurs are so eager to build a team, and they end up hiring dwindles because they don’t put enough reasoning into the hiring of people they are bringing on board.

You should ask yourself the question; Is this individual able to provide a long-term value to your business? You should avoid hiring just for the sake of having a team around you. Make sure the people you hire have the potentials to contribute to your goals and visions. They must also be capable of handling their roles efficiently.

Not Planning For Future Disasters Or Setbacks

In business, your profit may remain high for few months, only to tumble for the next few months. Many entrepreneurs get carried away by temporary profit inflow and fail to prepare for future disasters, thus putting themselves in a severe financial crisis.

You need to have enough resources to keep your business running even on days when you have reduced income. The amount of capital a business startup will spend regularly must be available in both the good and bad times. Without this capital, your business may quickly cripple. You need to know how much you have at hand in the event of a sudden downfall.

Setting Unattainable Goals

Entrepreneurs are always caught up on their big goals, and they set unrealistic, unattainable goals. Sometimes this belief may be conscious or unconscious because they believe their products and services are revolutionary, and they rely on word of mouth and different public relations procedures.

In reality, you need to invest in business marketing, especially content marketing, SEO, advertising, and PR. Please pay attention to where your main competitors are investing their money in promoting their businesses, then ask yourself what new thing you can bring on board to compete favorably against them.

You need to set realistic and unattainable goals to be successful in business. No matter how small the goals are, you will be better off with little profit that is steady than having short-term high profits and losses in sequences.  Don’t just say, and I want to make a $500,000 profit minimum in a year, set realistic minimum goals, and identify steps toward fulfilling the goals.

Not Thinking About Your Competitors

Most entrepreneurs have no regard for their competitors initially, which is why they fail woefully, especially in business finances. The excitement about having a new product in the market will make many entrepreneurs think they have no direct competition or their products are head and shoulders above every other product.

In reality, it is sporadic to have a product that has no competition unless you have invented a completely new product that serves a unique purpose. There will always be someone who has a significant market share in your chosen business niche. It would be best if you did your research to identify who your main competitors are and how you can differentiate and make your business more unique. Identify what new thing you are bringing to the table.


Entrepreneurs do make several other business finance errors; for instance, not spending enough or spending too much can be counter-productive. Being too frugal is like taking no risk at all. It means you don’t want to re-invest in your business. This can bring about stagnancy to the business growth, thus leading to lower incomes. Not knowing when to quit is another issue with young entrepreneurs. Pouring more money into an unsustainable business when you diversify into a new idea can be a huge financial error. Spending without putting your Return on Investment (ROI)in mind could also be a colossal error that can be disastrous to your business.

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