What Can You Actually Buy With Crypto In Your Everyday Life?

What Can You Actually Buy With Crypto In Your Everyday Life

Crypto investments have taken the world by storm! With the figures breaching the most prevalent limits, people are making fortunes from their crypto investments which further fuels the growing popularity of these new-age digital assets. 

Interestingly, the increased profits from the platform have also influenced the use of cryptos in carrying out everyday transactions. 

But what can you actually buy using your cryptocurrencies?

With more businesses opening up to accepting cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of things you can buy using your crypto funds. 

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However, before you are all set up to create a list, here’s a catch! The process is not fully optimized. Therefore, you need to understand a few jargons before you move ahead with purchasing everyday goods using cryptos.

Continue reading to learn what and how you can buy things using cryptocurrencies

The Role Of Cryptos & Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that first came into existence in 2009 in the form of Bitcoins. Decentralized by nature, cryptocurrencies offer an excellent alternative to fiat currencies with their own sets of complications. 

Further, cryptocurrencies are governed by three primary technological mechanisms: decentralization, Blockchain, and cryptography. Decentralization prevents any centralized authority from regulating cryptocurrencies giving unmatched autonomy to users. 

Blockchain technology is here to boost the accountability of cryptocurrencies as it is a digitized ledger that records every data associated with crypto transactions. The final piece of this puzzle is cryptography technology. Cryptography is why people use their cryptocurrencies with unmatched safety and security. 

Why Should You Use Cryptocurrencies To Buy Things?

The decentralized and secure nature of cryptocurrencies is often enough to convince many to use cryptocurrencies to buy things. However, if that does not do the job, here are some reasons justifying why you should buy things with cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Security: Thanks to the advanced capabilities of cryptography, security is not your first concern when buying things with cryptocurrencies. However, that does not mean being complacent with your private key will go unnoticed. Hackers are always on the constant vigil to access your crypto credentials so store your private information.
  2. Speed: Gone were when you had to spend almost half a day at the bank to get things done. Cryptocurrencies are the ideal example of what people mean by efficient transactions. As long as you have robust internet access, you can seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrencies from anywhere in mere seconds. 
  3. Accessible: Cryptocurrencies are ideally designed to make finance accessible to all. Anyone with a smart device and internet access can use cryptocurrencies and benefit from the same. This even gives you greater anonymity to carry out seamless transactions with ease. 
  4. Cost-Effective: Every time you use your conventional fiat currencies, there is always the burden of transaction costs. Using cryptocurrencies to buy things does not require any transaction cost as there are no middlemen like banks to capitalize on your transactions. 

What Can You Buy Using Cryptocurrencies?

The short answer is many things. But you probably are not here for the quick response, so continue reading as we dive into different things you can buy using your cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Pizza: Buying pizza with your cryptocurrencies is easy. Anyone can download any third-party applications to complete the process in no time. Domino’s has a Lightning Pizza service that allows customers to move their cryptocurrencies to the restaurant. 
  2. Cars: You have probably heard Elon Musk allowing customers to buy Tesla cars using Bitcoin. However, Tesla is not the only evolved car vendor here because if you live in Europe, you can even buy BMW cars using third-party applications. 
  3. Electronics: Yes, you read it right; you can now buy electronics using cryptocurrencies. Many platforms, such as Newegg, accept payments from your crypto wallet
  4. Pay Tuition Fees: Who would have thought you could get your college degree with cryptocurrencies, yet here we are. Prominent institutes in the US, such as King’s College, are now accepting cryptocurrencies for their tuition fees. 
  5. Gift Cards: There is always the option of buying gift cards from platforms like Coingate with your cryptocurrencies. For example, you can check this out to learn more about using your cryptocurrencies to buy a Dunkin Donuts gift card.

Bottom Line

The list of everyday things you can buy using your cryptocurrencies is growing and will continue to do so for the time being. This gives you an excellent opportunity to start investing in cryptocurrencies and derive genuine value from the returns. Therefore, be diligent and benefit from the growing prevalence of cryptocurrencies. 

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