Great Mac Font Manager Tips To Help With Your Business Presentations


84.3% of presenters said they crafted presentation slides that were visually focused. 

There are images, the right color palette, but most importantly, the font can make or break your business presentation.

The easiest way is to use a Mac font manager to organize it all. Not sure which one is best? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Font Manager?

In the past, a font is a specific size, weight, and style of a typeface. A typeface will have different fonts including condensed, normal, italic, and bold.

Nowadays, thanks to the digital age, font means the same as a typeface. This is because a font file includes variations of condensed, heavy, normal, and italic.

Font management is essential for graphic designers, creative directors, and publishing professionals as they rely on this software to support their workflow.

A font manager:

  • Organizes and centralizes font collections
  • Lets you preview and compare fonts for quick selection
  • Repairs corrupt, missing, or duplicate fonts
  • Managing and tracking font licenses

Font managers streamline the process as it’s challenging working with an array of fonts. Instead, professionals know the software saves time, improves productivity and guarantees accuracy. If you’re still unsure, check out this link:

Why Fonts Are Important In Business Presentations

There are many reasons you must find the best font managers for your slideshows. This is because fonts help with your presentation’s:


Business presentations are serious, so it’s important to use a professional and traditional font like Verdana or Georgia. 

When you need to deviate, you can use a lighter and less serious font. For example, if you’re doing a sales pitch for a party company then use a lively font to change the presentation’s tone.


The audience must be able to read your presentation with zero problems. Depending on the size of the room and its acoustics, those in the back may rely on reading the slides so they understand your presentation.

Avoid script-based fonts and stick to serif and sans serif. Keep all text larger than 18 pounds, and never go below 30 otherwise your audience may not be able to read it.

The Best Font Managers For Mac

Here’s a selection of the best font managers for mac.


This font management software is popular as it’s free and has free font downloads. FontBase promises the activation and deactivation of fonts depending on your needs. This is to ensure the unimportant fonts aren’t hogging system resources.

Another great feature is if the font is missing for a particular design project, the font is activated automatically.

This free app is a simple way to compare a variety of fonts. Type your test phase and set your font size. Then your text will be displayed in 100 fonts that are already installed on your computer. 

Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion is a universal font manager that is compatible with popular programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. You can organize fonts into folders, create mockups, and get fonts activated automatically when you open the app.


This software lets you preview, sync, and organize fonts without needing to install them. You can activate and deactivate many fonts with a single click, regardless of where that font is stored. Depending on your needs, you can filter fonts into categories like serif, sans serif, and script to streamline the process. 

Flipping Typical

You can use this on your browser, making it perfect for hobbyist graphic designers. Type in your favorite font into the bar at the top of the page and set it as your “main” font. Flipping Typical will use the default font alongside and feature dozen of new fonts to inspire you.

Criminalbird Typeface

Criminalbird Typeface is a speedy font manager. You can design typography for your site, logo, or another project with zero hassle. This software also lets you view detailed font metrics and highlights differences between fonts via overlays. You can also export fonts to PDF and print regardless of the typeface.

This will take longer than using a machine but your pants will still be appropriate for work. Fill up your sink with cold water or, if you have multiple pairs, use the bathtub.


FONT EXPLORER X is also compatible with Mac and it keeps your fonts organized.

You can also preview your documents with the desired font across different browsers and operating systems. Further, it creates a backup of your font database file so you never have to worry.


This font manager software lets you create a centralized library of fonts with the option of activating or deactivating them as you wish.

It also sets fonts by their features, formats, and sizes and shows you the font’s main properties. Further, AgentFont syncs fonts across multiple computers and users via the cloud so you can access them hassle-free.

Font Picker

This font management software lets you browse every font on your computer to find the best one for a project. You can also create customized lists to save for later which is useful. 

TypeFace 2

TypeFace 2 provides a font-by-font comparison by superimposing one font over the other, so you can decide whether it’s suitable. It also automatically categorizes fonts by creating different folders.

They’ve also included a Dark Mode because they know how much eye-strain comes with staring at fonts and working on your designs for so long.

These Are the Best Mac Font Managers

It’s possible to find the best mac font manager for you, depending on your requirements. There are font managers that can be used on your browser and those that automatically create folders so it’s easier for you to organize your fonts. Also, as many rely on the cloud, you’ll be assured they are safe.

Happy designing!

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