Can American Express Gift Cards Be Reloaded?

Can American Express Gift Cards Be Reloaded

If you are a user of AMEX gift cards, you must have noticed how easy and convenient they are to use in retail stores and online market places. They also have a very personal touch. So, they make great gifts. 

However, an important question arises – can American express gift cards be reloaded?

The simple answer to this question is that American Express gift cards cannot be reloaded. That’s because they come with a predetermined balance, which is what you pay to purchase them, and no additional money can be added. But AMEX prepaid debit cards have the option of adding money.

Where To Purchase American Express Gift Cards

The best thing about American Express gift cards is that they are readily available in almost all retail stores or online websites of retailers. They are generally placed in places where it is easy to spot.

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Some of the common retailer shops that sell Amex gift cards include Family Dollar, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Fred’s, Staples, etc. Remember that the purchase fee varies depending on the retailer. If you buy from AMEX online, the price is a fixed $3.95 per card.

Uses Of American Express Gift Card

The use of gift cards is pretty simple, and it resembles a credit or debit card. However, there are some limitations regarding using the card for car rentals, hotel purchases, and use at ATMs, etc.

You can use your AMEX gift card anywhere in the US and online in places that accept AMEX gift cards. You can simply enter your card number, security code, and expiration date while checking out from an online shopping website, and the transaction will be complete. 

Make sure that there are enough funds in the card to cover your purchases, though.

Activation Process

To activate the AMEX gift card, you can either call the number on the card or activate it online or by phone. Among these options, activating it online is the most hassle-free option. All you will have to do is visit a designated page and enter your card number, four-digit card ID, expiration number, and that’s it! 

Pros Of AMEX Gift Cards

Some of the pros and cons of the AMEX gift card are given below –

  • There is no chance of funds expiring, so you can use it at ease
  • In case the card is stolen or lost, you can easily replace it
  • The American Express Gift card can be found in almost every retail store, and it’s accepted everywhere
  • You do not need to pay any extra fee after purchasing, so the purchase and shipping fee is the only amount you need to take care of

Cons of AMEX Gift Cards

  • The purchasing and shipping fee is quite substantial; for a $100 gift card, you need to pay almost 10% fees
  • Their uses are a bit limited, as you cannot avail subscriptions, billing purchases, or even ATMs

AMEX Gift Card Vs. AMEX Prepaid Debit Card

Here we show a simple comparison between the AMEX gift card and prepaid card. 

The Amex gift card can be a bit limiting since its uses involve mostly buying things from retails stores. That being said, gift cards have a nice personal touch, making them perfect for fitting various occasions. For example, you can get a personalized gift card saying happy birthday to gift someone.

AMEX prepaid debit cards are far more flexible than their gift cards since these can be redeemed almost anywhere. Thus they are far more convenient. The problem with these cards is that they require a monthly fee and an additional fee for every purchase. This makes them a little expensive.

The common thing between an AMEX gift card and an AMEX prepaid debit card is that both can be purchased in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does an American express gift card expire?

It doesn’t. One of the best things about an American express gift card is that its funds won’t expire. So you can keep on using the card as long as there is even a little fund left. However, if you exceed the Valid thru date, then you need to get a replacement.

2. What to do if my American express gift card is refused?

Sometimes an American express gift card can get declined. Instead of panicking then, tell the cashier to rerun it just to be sure that this is not a case of a faulty machine. 

If it still gets declined, check the balance and the valid thru date to overrule expired date and unavailable funds. If the problem persists, contact American Express to get better clarification.

3. Can I get cash for my AMEX gift card?

You can get cash in exchange for your American Express gift card if you sell the card on either Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. Or you could take a little more complicated way and purchase items at a discounted price and resell for full price on Facebook or craigslist

4. How can I use my American Express gift card outside of the USA?

If you are talking about physical locations and stores outside the USA, then using an AMEX card is not possible there. However, you can use it to purchase items online and have them shipped to your location.


Although the answer to the question – can American express gift cards be reloaded might not have met your expectations, we hope you found some other incentives to get an AMEX card right now. These are definitely very convenient and a nice personal gift for anyone.

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