Unusual Employee Benefits To Attract Talent

Unusual Employee Benefits To Attract Talent

A good employee benefits package is becoming more and more expected these days. But how can your business stand out from the crows of extra paid holidays and free fruit in the office? The best talent these days knows that they can earn more than a basic salary package, and most people are searching for a company with great employee perks. Have a look through this list of unusual employee benefits which will not only attract the best talent to your company but make them want to stay at the business long term. 

1. Payment In Crypto

Offering the option for your employees to receive their paychecks or bonuses in cryptocurrency is an emerging trend spurred on by the increase in the popularity of crypto trading. Give your employees the option of being paid in this way if they wish to and they may find that they are making more money than you are paying them, resulting in happier employees without any extra spending on your part. There are several trading platforms available that can help businesses safely offer their employees payment in crypto without running the risk of either party losing money.

2. Student Loan Repayment

Employers offering their workers help repaying their student loans can be a massive financial benefit for the employee. With so many people feeling the strain of huge student debt hanging over their heads, repayments can often take a huge chunk out of every paycheck. However, an employer offering to repay your student loans as a part of your pay package can really relieve that strain as well as serve as an easy way to be earning more money that doesn’t have to all fall directly into debt repayments. This could be an extremely appealing benefit that would make a lot of employees not only keen to work for the business, but to stay with the business long-term too, saving the business money in the long run as they do not need to invest in expensive hiring and training schemes.

3. Pet Insurance

People love their pets, and yet a lot of people do not have insurance for their furry friends. A business offering pet insurance to their employees can put workers’ minds at ease and reduce the chances of any unexpected financial troubles in the event of a pet becoming ill or injured. A small monthly payment for the employer could actually end up saving the employee thousands in their time at the company.

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4. Sleep Pods

Offering employees a place to nap during working hours is an unusual but highly desirable benefit offered by some companies. Given that a 40-minute nap reportedly improves employee productivity by as much as 34% this could actually be beneficial not just for a sleepy employee, but in fact the employer too. With employees being better rested and productivity going up, as a result, the business could actually benefit from this employee perk, making it a great choice for anyone looking to up their appeal without having to spend lots of money on employee perks.

5. Family Phone Plans

Offering employees plans for their mobile phones, especially family plans, can save employees a lot of money over their time at the company. Providing not just for the employee themself but also their families shows a level of care from the employer as not many employee perks will reach back to the families of workers too. Additionally, if your employee needs to use a phone for work anyway, this can be a good way to provide an additional perk in amongst standard company procedures.

6. Restaurant Vouchers

Offering employees vouchers for local restaurants has several benefits. This is something that you could set up with local businesses where your employees are offered reduced rates in exchange for your business offering a similar program to the workers at the local business. This is a great way to establish positive relationships with other businesses in the community, as well as provide a win-win service for the employees of both businesses.

7. New Baby Fund

Offer employees who have recently had a new baby a bonus paycheck or set a budget aside to help pay for childcare or baby supplies can be a great way to show employees that you care about them and their lives outside of the company. Aside from good maternity and paternity packages which are equal and generous, giving parents the time and space to recover and learn to live with their new addition, having a fund set aside to aid these parents financially can be a massive help. Offer assistance with buying new baby products such as a cot or a stroller, or award each new parent with a cash bonus to budget how they like. 

8. Monthly Massages

If you are running an office, chances are the majority of your employees are sitting at a desk all day every day. Help relieve the aches and pains that come with long term desk work by offering your employees monthly massages to rid tension and keep employees healthy and pain-free. This can also be a great way to relax workers and help relieve stress, ultimately benefitting mental health as well as physical.

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