What Does Payment Revision Mean? Fixing Amazon Payment Issue

What Does Payment Revision Mean

Have you ever tried making a payment on Amazon for items ordered and received the message “payment revision needed?” If yes, you’re not alone. 

Such messages can be annoying. But then, Amazon might not be the reason your payment wasn’t successful. There might be nothing wrong with the platform. You or your bank could be the culprit. 

We’ll explain the possible reason you received this error message. But first, let’s address the question below. 

What does payment revision mean?  

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This message usually pops up when trying to make a payment on Amazon. But what does it imply? 

It means payment was unsuccessful. In other words, Amazon didn’t receive the money for the items you bought. Therefore, they won’t ship your order until you rectify the payment issue.

Why wasn’t your payment successful? You or your bank could be the culprit. Your bank may have declined the payment for specific reasons, which Amazon wants you to investigate and fix. 

Keep reading as we discuss possible reasons why your payment on Amazon failed and how to fix such an issue.    

What Is Responsible For The Payment Revision Error Notification On Amazon?

Several factors could be responsible. And you have to know the cause so you won’t waste precious time online. 

The benefit of shopping online is to save time and energy. Paying for orders online should also be a breeze. 

So, what’s responsible for the error message “payment revision needed” that Amazon keeps displaying on your screen?

Here are the possible causes. 

  • Insufficient fund
  • You have changed your card
  • You interrupted the online payment process accidentally
  • You’re using a card that is outdated or has expired
  • Network error while processing payment
  • You hit the backspace button while the payment was processing
  • You may have exceeded your card’s spending limit
  • You accidentally refreshed the page before payment was completed
  • Your payment provider has blocked your card

So, these could be the possible reason your payment was unsuccessful. Amazon acknowledged you tried making payment for the items added to your cart but were unsuccessful. Thus, Amazon is asking you to check what the problem is and fix it. You can try checking each of the issues above.    

How To Resolve Payment Revision Needed Notification From Amazon

If your payment was unsuccessful, Amazon will send you a notification message. The message is usually sent to the buyer’s Amazon account and registered email. 

So, check if you got the message on your Amazon account and email before taking the next step. If it only appeared in your email, verify if Amazon sent the notification message before responding. 

Do not click on links you find suspicious. It could be from hackers trying to steal your personal information.

If you’re sure that the notification is from Amazon, open your Amazon account to fix the error. Verify the bank account or card set as your default payment option. 

If you checked and discovered that your bank account or card set as default payment is accurate, something else could be the reason your payment on Amazon has been unsuccessful. 

Steps To Take If You Keep Getting Amazon Notification “Payment Revision Needed”

If your bank account or credit card details are correct, but the “payment revision needed” message from Amazon keeps coming, here are the next steps to take. 

#1: Recheck your account balance:

Your payment for an Amazon order will be unsuccessful if you don’t have a sufficient amount in your account. So, endeavor to always check your account balance before making payment. It could be the reason for the payment revision message you’re getting from Amazon. 

#2: Change bank card:

This is where having more than one bank account or bank card can be helpful. If one fails, you can switch to the other. Save time and energy.

#3: Know your credit limits:

Whether you’re withdrawing money or making a purchase online, you mustn’t exceed the credit limit. 

So, try to figure out your bank’s withdrawal limit and adjust your order to match it. Remember that payment won’t be successful if you exceed this amount. 

#4: Check your network: 

If you’re making payment on Amazon and the network suddenly becomes poor, the payment won’t be successful. 

So, it’s not every time your bank is guilty of declining your payment request. You could also be guilty. Check your network and ensure it is active. 

Additionally, do not close the payment page or refresh the page when processing payment for an order on Amazon. Allow the payment to proceed successfully before taking off the page. 

#5: Check your card’s expiry date:

We get so occupied sometimes that we forget most things. So, your card may have expired, and you didn’t remember. 

If your card expires, you cannot use it to make a payment. You have to apply for a new card or, better still, use another card for payment. 

#6: Check information provided:

Is your billing address, phone number, and credit card number correct? Double-check to make sure they are all accurate. 

If your credit card number or other relevant information is incorrect, payment on Amazon won’t be successful. 

#7: Contact Amazon customer support:

If you have checked the possible reasons payment on Amazon wasn’t successful and tried resolving it but failed, contact Amazon customer support. 

Don’t rule out the possibility that the fault could be from the e-commerce giant. Let them know the issue you’re having and how you have tried resolving it. 

Why Amazon Could Be Sending The “Payment Revision Needed” Message Multiple Times To You? 

 If you’re still getting the error message signifying payment was unsuccessful even after several attempts to resolve it, then something else could be wrong. 

You may not have spotted or taken note of the possible cause. It could be that you’re utilizing a VPN, or Amazon isn’t pleased with your behavior on the platform. 

However, ensure you have enough funds in your account for the payment. Your bank account or card details should be accurate too. 

If you’re certain that VPN or Amazon’s view of your buyer behavior isn’t what caused the problem, consider revisiting other reasons you feel might be the cost. Look into them one by one. 


What does payment revision mean? It means Amazon didn’t get your payment. In other words, your bank declined your payment request. 

Several factors could be responsible for this payment error. It could be that you have a low account balance, have exceeded your withdrawal limit, or your card has been blocked.

It is also possible that your card has expired or you provided the wrong information. Anything is possible. So, don’t fret if you receive this error message from Amazon. Find out what the problem is and fix it. 

You may also receive this error message and still get the order from Amazon. In this case, Amazon has received your payment. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have shipped the goods in the first place. 

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