Bank Of America Routing Number: Complete Guide

Bank Of America Routing Number
Bank Of America Routing Number

If you have a checking account with Bank of America or plan to open one soon, then you need to be aware of your Bank of America routing number. You will need it for various financial transactions done online.

So, if you are interested in finding the routing number for your Bank of America checking account, you are in the right place. You will not only identify your routing number but know more about it.

Why it is essential to Know Your Bank of America Routing Number

Banks issue account numbers to their customers upon opening an account. So why do we still need routing numbers for our transactions? Well, if you’re one of those asking such, know that your question is valid. However, you need to know that recognizing and presenting your ABA routing number is essential.

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Routing numbers serve a fundamental purpose. It helps to identify the exact location your checking account was opened. That’s why you will see different RTN (routing number) for the same bank for different areas. Wherever you open your bank account, that’s the routing number you will automatically be using.

The routing number is essential for online transactions. Before making any payment online or via phone, you will be asked to provide it. So, if you are interested in initiating transfers here in the United States of America or elsewhere internationally, you would need your routing number and other details.

The Routing Number You Need For Your Transaction

It’s important to note that the choice of routing number is based on the transaction. No bank uses one routing number for all transactions. So you need to know that the routing number on your check might not be the routing number that you require for a direct debit transaction or ACH transfer.

Again, routing numbers are assigned based on the location. The routing number for Bank of America branch in Florida will not be the same as the one in Washington. Additionally, it is also essential to ask questions and be sure you are using the routing number meant for the type of transaction you plan on doing.

If you are not sure, it is better to ask questions. Contact your bank for help. The thing is not using the right number might cause a delay in your transfer, which you can avoid by using the correct number.

How To Find Your Bank Of America Routing Number

There are different ways you can find the ideal routing number, and none of them require visiting your bank. Check them out below:

This website:

You will find a list of routing number for Bank of America on this website. Please know that the digits here are valid, so feel free to use them. You can also check with your bank if you want.

Online banking: 

You can access your routing number online by simply logging into your bank online. You can also login to your bank’s mobile app to get your routing number.

Bank statement:

Your bank statement does not only contain information about your transactions. You will also find your routing number boldly written there.

A check:

Another quick and easy way to find your Bank of America routing number is your check. When you take a blank check, look to the bottom. You will find the routing number at the left-hand corner.

Again, it’s advisable to check appropriately to ensure you are using the right routing number. You can call your bank to find out if the number you have is correct before you proceed. Know that you might experience a delay when you present the wrong routing number.

The Difference Between BIC, SWIFT Codes, IBANS And Routing Numbers

Online financial transactions require different codes and numbers. For some transactions, you will need BIC, IBANS, Routing number, or SWIFT Codes.

However, most people get confused when they find different codes. And it’s easier for someone to confuse an IBANS for a routing number. But one of the differences is that the routing number is only nine digits.

SWIFT codes 

These codes are just like your checking accounting routing numbers. They are also useful for online financial transactions. The work of the SWIFT codes is to identify the bank or financial institution in which the finances will be processed. They are also known as BIC codes and relevant for international payments.

Routing numbers

The routing number is a very significant digit for international transactions. These numbers help in the identification of banks whenever you are processing a domestic ACH payment, and it’s also useful in wire transfers. But the thing is the routing number is used basically in the USA. You don’t need it for payments to someone in France.


The full meaning of IBANS is “international bank account numbers.” They are codes designed to help in the identification of individual bank accounts. These codes are also only issued by numerous banks in Europe. And for one reason or the other, banks in other parts of the world have started making use of IBANs.

Bank Of America Routing Number

Below are the Bank of America routing numbers. You can use them for transactions too. Remember that each state has its unique routing number. In other words, Bank of America has different routing numbers for each state. Check them out below.

STATE                     ROUTING NUMBER

Alabama                                     051000017

Alaska                                        051000017

Arizona                                       122101706

Arkansas                                    082000073

California                                   121000358

Colorado                                    123103716

Connecticut                               011900254

Delaware                                   031202084

Florida, East                              063100277

Florida, West                            063100277

Georgia                                     061000052

Hawaii                                       051000017

Idaho                                        123103716

Illinois, South                           081904808

Illinois, North                           071000505

Illinois, Chicago Metro             081904808

Indiana                                     071214579

Iowa                                          073000176

Kansas                                      101100045

Kentucky                                   051000017

Louisiana                                   051000017

Maine                                         011200365

Maryland                                    052001633

Massachusetts                           011000138

Michigan                                     072000805

Minnesota                                   071214579

Mississippi                                  051000017

Missouri East/St. Louis              081000032

Missouri West/Kansas City       081000032

Montana                                     051000017

Nebraska                                    051000017

Nevada                                       122400724

New Hampshire                         011400495

New Jersey                                021200339

New Mexico                               107000327

New York                                   021000322

North Carolina                           053000196

North Dakota                             051000017

Ohio                                           071214579

Oklahoma                                  103000017

Oregon                                      323070380

Pennsylvania                             031202084

Rhode Island                             011500010

South Carolina                          053904483

South Dakota                            051000017

Tennessee                                 064000020

Texas, North                             111000025

Texas, South                             113000023

Texas, South                             111000025

Utah                                          123103716

Vermont                                   051000017

Virginia                                     051000017

Washington                              125000024

Washington, D.C.                     054001204

West Virginia                            051000017

Wisconsin                                 051000017

Wyoming                                  051000017

So, these are the routing numbers for Bank of America. They are assigned to account holders based on where they opened their accounts. For instance, if you opened your Bank of America checking account in Wisconsin, 051000017 will be your routing number.

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