Can I Sell My House With A Tax Lien? – Make The Right Decision

Can I Sell My House With A Tax Lien

A tax lien is a law imposed on a property, and the government uses it to secure payment of taxes. It is the easiest way to maintain discipline among citizens and make them responsible.

Many people question if one can purchase a house with a tax lien. Amazingly if the property is redeemed, one will be able to make large profits.  

It’s because the money has the chance of earning itself the highest rates in terms of interests. Although, the tax lien certificates may be put on hold for some time until you settle everything. So let’s find out.

Can I sell my house with a tax lien?

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Yes, selling the house is possible even if the state has decided to file a tax lien over it. It’s one of the methods that you can choose to help relieve yourself from the tax burdens that you owe the government. 

Before selling your house, one is encouraged to assess the house correctly and come out with the exact value. 

Various factors determine the value of the house. It depends on the location of your house, the security of that particular area, infrastructure, social amenities, and many more considerations. 

Proper house valuation will help you since you’ll be able to sell that house at a better price. You can also clear or pay the state that filed a tax lien, and at the same time, you will be able to clear your debts with a mortgage lender.

Leveraging technology is a great way to know your property’s worth. A home sale proceeds calculator is a practical tool that empowers homeowners with financial insights to make informed decisions throughout the selling process. This tool can estimate potential tax liability and how much sale proceeds will go toward paying off any mortgage loan. If you’re considering renovations, the calculator can help you estimate the potential return on investment.

What Is A Tax Lien?

Many American don’t know what tax lien means. It’s simply a legal claim against the properties of an individual or a business that fails or is unable to pay taxes owed to the state or government. 

In essence, an alien is security to paying loans and even taxes. If the commitment is not imperative, the creditor may seize the assets or properties you have and are legally known.

How Tax Liens Affect Home Sales 

When the state has filed a tax lien on your house, this will affect you negatively. You will have the ownership rights of the house, but you will not get any profits that come in after the sale. 

If you clear the tax debt, you owe the state or the government, and you might get it. The government is also very keen on selling that particular house.

The government’s involvement will add complications in that you may find it difficult to sell that house. It means that even potential buyers may fear purchasing that particular house.

Consulting with a real estate lawyer is important when dealing with liens during a home sale. Your attorney can help develop a strategy, such as negotiating with lienholders to settle debts, arranging payment plans, or obtaining lien releases. Moreover, your lawyer can assist in preparing all necessary documents for the closing process.

Tax Debt May Be Solved By Selling Your House 

If there is equity, you will have to put up that house for sale on the market. The state is usually very tough on individuals. It happens especially when you need some assistance from the state. 

In this case, you may be seeking some clearance forms and certificates. It will mean that you have to show evidence that you do not owe the state before you get their service, and you have the tax compliance form. 

Homes vary in terms of the materials used to construct that particular house. After calculating the total price, one may find that it is worth $600,000. 

So if you owe the state a tax lien of roughly $150,000 on the property, you get a potential buyer, you will sell it reasonably

The funds will clear that tax debt you owe the county government or the local government. 

You will undoubtedly remain with some pocket change, which is a handsome amount; you may choose to pay the mortgage lenders’ balance earlier.

If you lack equity or it is slightly low. It would be best to look for alternative ways and methods to get paid or avoid that particular tax lien. 

One of the best ways to get rid of a tax lien is by coming up with a better payment plan. It’s better if you are working or running a specific business. It means that you have a better capacity; upon agreement with the government, you can pay that tax lien over a given period. 

Before entering negotiations, ensure that you clearly understand the total debt, including any interest and penalties accrued. Bank statements, tax returns, and pay slips can strengthen your case. For added expertise and guidance, consulting with a tax professional or attorney may be beneficial.

Be prepared to negotiate. Adjust the monthly payment amount or extend the payment period if needed. Once an agreement is reached, adhere to the terms diligently, making timely and consistent payments. Upon successfully fulfilling the payment plan terms and paying off the tax debt, request the tax lien removal. The tax authority will provide documentation confirming the lien’s withdrawal.

Type Of Tax Liens

There are so many different types of tax liens. The state has the power to file them against your property. Three main types may affect your house directly. They include:

  • Federal government tax lien
  • Property tax lien
  • State government tax lien 

Federal Government Tax Lien

All tax liens are states’ legal claims against your property, such as a house, when you fail or neglect to pay off your debt. It is usually according to the number of businesses or if you are an employee.

The federal tax lien has the mandate, and it plays a role in protecting or keeping an eye based on the interest of that particular government. The interests may include personal properties like a house, real estate, or even the financial assets under your name and legally recognized.

This Federal Tax Lien allows the state to take over your house without even sharing profits, and it focuses on keeping them to cover your unpaid taxes to some extent. You should pay Federal taxes to prevent IRS from filing a claim against your house. 

State Tax Lien

As it is also a legal claim, it focuses primarily on securing the payments that you may be owing to the government. 

It means that the government has the moral authority to file their tax lien, which will be automatically against your house. 

The only way to get rid of this state tax lien is by paying all the debt you have. You have to make payments through the state’s department of revenues.

Property Tax Lien 

This type typically applies in your region or the house location. It’s activated if you have declined to pay the taxes required on your asset or property, like a house. 

The county government in that particular region will have to file a legal claim form to recover their money in tax arrears. 

The amount you are supposed to pay as a property tax lien is assessed based on the value of that particular house. 

It means that you cannot overcharge the house, or the amount one is supposed to pay should not exceed the house’s value. To get a rough estimate of your house, you have to calculate. 

Property value is usually calculated as assessed value and multiplied by the tax rate of that particular region. The primary use of property tax lien is in aiding different initiatives across the region or the state. 

They include repairing and making infrastructure and helping schools by constructing libraries and classes. 

Also, it enforces the law and protects fire by providing enough extinguishers. 

Numerous reasons can make you unable to pay your property tax

However, note that your area state officials or the municipal council will have to place a property tax lien on your house.

As it is always a norm, you will not be able to sell that particular house in case of an emergency. The people willing to credit you some money will get a notification that the government (state) has some legal rights against your house. 

It means you cannot get funds since you are listed, making it more challenging to get help. 

Additional Information

If a tax lien is attached to your house, you will have difficulties selling that particular house. 

The house tax lien acts as a block or a way of stopping you from transacting your regular business and transactions. Several different companies and individuals may help you by paying that tax. 

But it would be best if you decide to place that house as collateral. But note that it is also perilous since your lender may auction it. 

Tax liens do not get quick enrollment until the pending money is no longer subject to appeal to the court of law. Or one gets tired of appealing since it takes quite a long period compared to clearing that debt. 

When you cannot clear a tax lien, you are in a financial crisis and do not have money to pay your taxes on time. Once they place tax liens on your house, sell that particular house to recover their taxes.


You might be in a position to yield human-friendly and actual rates when choosing to invest in tax liens. However, a tax lien usually affects the properties, including assets like your house.

On the contrary, it is more evident that you cannot be able to recover your cash if you have a house with a tax lien. It’s because you have to pay the lien taxes. The other unfortunate thing is that it is challenging to tell how long it may take for you to complete those payments.

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